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Ealing Independent College is a leading independent College in West London preparing students aged 13 to 19 from the UK and worldwide for higher education through the GCSE and A-Level programmes, specialist Medical Science and Business Programmes, and tailored learning programmes through one to one tuition. We provide expert teaching, supportive individual help and guidance, and consequently have a proven track record of securing excellent examination results that open doors for our students to top universities across the country and abroad.

Based in one of the nicest parts of West London, Ealing Independent College is well-established with almost fifteen years’ experience of preparing students for an academic future in a supportive and friendly environment. At Ealing, we aim to ensure that all of our students fulfil their true potential and reach their future goals.


Location and Facilities

The London Borough of Ealing is one of the nicest parts of West London. There are large numbers of shops, restaurants, cafés and gyms, all within walking distance of the College. There is a large park (Walpole Park) adjoining the College with lakes and fountains and its own art gallery. The park provides an ideal venue for students to meet and enjoy a coffee and sandwich, relax on the lawns around the lake or have a game of football. Ealing is much quieter and not as congested as many of the more central boroughs of London, and it is often described as London’s ‘leafiest suburb’.

At the centre of Ealing, almost opposite the College, is the dramatic large Victorian Town Hall which was built in 1886. This is an imposing building of typical Victorian architecture and was opened by the then Prince of Wales – Edward, who later became King Edward VII on the death of his mother Queen Victoria in 1901.

Ealing is a very safe place to live, study and work, and is situated just 10 km West of the centre of London. It is served by excellent public transport connections to Central London and to Heathrow Airport from Ealing Broadway mainline and tube station.



Specialist Courses

At Ealing Independent College we offer specialist courses through subject specific A-Level routes, but also through our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) programme for international students.



Subject Specific Courses

The College offers two special programmes of study for academically strong students:

  • Medical Sciences Programmes- All students who are contemplating studying Medicine, Dentistry or a related discipline at university are automatically enrolled on the Medical Sciences Programme
  • Business Programme- The Business Programme at Ealing Independent College is a programme for those students who want a business-related focus to their choice of A-Levels, as well as their future studies and career. The College offers A-Levels in Business Studies, Economics, and Accounting. We also offer Business Studies at GCSE.

These programmes are available to both UK and overseas students. The Medical Sciences Programme is overseen by the Head of Science, and the Business Programme is overseen by the Head of Business Studies/Economics. All students admitted onto these programmes are expected to have reached a high academic standard.

Students on these programmes are all aiming for places at the UK’s top universities including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, LSE, UCL, Queen Mary’s and Bristol.  

Working for Us

Student Testimonials

"What I like the most about Ealing Independent College is the small class sizes. Due to this the teaching is at a higher standard as the teacher knows each student's strengths and weaknesses, and every student is familiar with the other students allowing for a friendly environment." - Haya

"What I like the most about Ealing Independent College is the fact that staff are always keen to answer any questions and easy to find, in addition to the productive study atmosphere. Following my time at the College I have now been able to receive an offer to study at my first choice university; UCL." - Ali

"Ealing Independent College helped me achieve good results in my AS levels even though I came very late in the year, and this put me in a good stead to achieve excellent grade A-level results through the teachers' constituent support throughout the year." - Natalie

"What I like the most about the College is the teaching and the students. The teachers are not only the best teachers I have ever had, but they are extremely friendly and always willing to help." - Malcolm




Working for Us

We believe that the quality of teaching and support staff is paramount, and at Ealing Independent College we pride ourselves on having excellent staff, both in the classroom and office, who support and motivate our students to reach their true potential. If you are interested in joining our team, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers and support staff - send us your CV now via our School Talent Pool and let us know what sort of role you're looking for.

By joining our School Talent Pool we'll know you're interested in working here when a future vacancy occurs.

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Part of Bellevue Education...

Ealing Independent College is part of Bellevue Education

Bellevue Education is committed to excellence in education. Each Bellevue school is run independently but shares the same values: we believe in broad curricula delivered in innovative ways that excite and engage children; we believe in investment – in teachers, buildings and technology; and we believe that exceptional results should be a by-product of the education that we offer, not the exclusive focus.

We recruit the best teachers and head teachers and make sure that they are fully supported with innovative resources, shared best practice and focused training. We involve parents in their children’s education with not only regular meetings and written reports, but also with head teacher blogs, social media and parent workshops. Most importantly, we treat every child as an individual with their own unique set of talents.

Bellevue pupils are encouraged to aim high, and we provide them with everything they need to succeed.

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Principal's Welcome

I am pleased to welcome you to Ealing Independent College.

I have been Principal of the College for twelve years and have seen it through all its major developments and changes. The College really does have my stamp on it!

I have taught Chemistry all my working life and still insist on teaching all A-level Chemists at both AS and A2 level. I am passionate about teaching and would not give up my classroom work for anything! I believe that this is where some of the most important work is done, and as Principal I feel I should be very much part of that; apart from anything else, it is how I get to know the students so well.

I have taught in some of the UK’s most prestigious HMC boarding and day schools. I was Head of Department and Master in Charge of Athletics at Wellington College (Berks) for five years. I then moved to Bedales School (Hants) as Head of Science for another five years. In my last post before moving to Ealing, I was appointed to the Senior Management Team at Cheadle Hulme School (Cheshire). All this experience equipped me well for taking on the role of Principal at Ealing Independent College. I believe that I have managed to integrate the best points of an Independent Sixth Form College with the best aspects of a school to give the College its particular ethos.

When you come to visit during term time, insist on going into classrooms whilst lessons are taking place. You will see how the students take a real interest in their studies and how well they interact with their teacher.

Ensure you visit a supervised study session. You will see how students work well on their own in the quietness of the College’s designated study room. I believe that when students are not in lessons they should be in supervised study and not wasting time in the environs of Ealing or the student common room.

Look at the students as they walk around the College from lesson to lesson or as they walk in and out of the main entrance, you will see that they look happy and contented.

The College does provide a very supportive environment with its excellent pastoral care which, coupled with the outstanding work that goes on in the classroom enables the students to make strong progress and achieve their very best academically.

Come and visit the College. I would be very happy to talk to you and give you advice. I hope Ealing Independent College will be the right school for you – but there is only one way to find out! I look forward to meeting you.

Dr Ian Moores

B.Sc., Ph.D., MRIC.

Our Vision


To provide an excellent education that opens doors to top universities and allows each and every one of our students to reach their true potential. 


We are committed to shaping young minds and futures through outstanding teaching in a supportive and enriching learning environment. 

Core Values

Our mission is expressed through core values that form the guiding principles of everything we do at Ealing Independent College, whether that be academic support, student welfare and guidance or extra-curricular activities within the College community. At Ealing Independent College we aim to:

  • Inspire and encourage
  • Build confidence
  • Develop mind and character
  • Support and guide students on their path to success

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