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About Us


We have really enjoyed our first two years as a DBAT Academy and have grown as a calm, friendly, learning-focused school community. We were delighted that an independent review in June 2016 confirmed that we have gone from strength to strength and are thrilled that the overwhelming majority of our children, parents and carers are happy and proud to be part of the journey. We have a really great staff team and are very excited about the further improvements we expect to see over the course of this academic year.

Together with our families, we are building a school community where everyone feels proud to belong, knows they are valued, works hard and does their very best. We give a warm and equal welcome to children and families of all faiths as well as those with none. Our school is committed to working closely with the local community and has strong links with the neighbouring Easton family centre and our partner Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust schools.

Easton Church of England Academy is a fully inclusive primary Academy in Bristol. We aim to play a vital role in the community, working with parents and pupils to improve their knowledge and skills.

We know that good behaviour is linked to excellent learning and as such we have a strict behaviour policy. Our pupils are taught to be kind, polite and respectful.

Our Vision and Values


Our vision is to be a great school which provides a great service to our community now and for years to come. We want every child, through their time at Easton, to become the best they can be. We want them to learn to live out the Easton values in their daily life.

Values - Excellence with Equity; Endeavour with Enjoyment – ‘Raise your flag’

Excellence – Our aim is to be the best we can be. Every day we try to do our brilliant best. We celebrate our successes together.

Equity – Everyone matters at Easton. We love being different and belonging together. Every day we show kindness and respect to one another and never attack our differences.

Endeavour - Every day we work hard. We are resilient and determined learners. We welcome our mistakes and failures because they help us learn.

Enjoyment - We enjoy every day and look forward to each tomorrow. Every day we say thank you for our life together and the wonderful world we live in.

‘Raise Your flag’ – we want children to grow into confident, contributing adult citizens. We want them to make their mark - to go and make their school, their family, their neighbourhood, their community and their world a better place.

Our Everyday Easton questions

Excellence - Did you do your best today?

Equity - Did you show kindness today?

Endeavour - Did you work hard today?

Enjoyment - Did you enjoy today?

If ‘Yes’ - Thank you

If ‘No ’- We can try again tomorrow!

Our school values are supported by our calm school code.

Our Calm School Code

Act kindly and show respect

Speak nicely

Work hard

Move calmly

Listen carefully

Working for Us

If you're searching for your next teaching post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers!

About DBAT

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DBAT was founded in 2012, enabling the Diocese of Bristol’s Board of Education to sponsor academies.

The management of its affairs are overseen by its Board of Directors which operates a flexible Scheme of Delegation. This is based on the principle of detailed monitoring against and evaluation of Ofsted and Diocesan Distinctiveness criteria of all academies in the MAT and increasing ‘earned autonomy’ once academies demonstrate they are ‘good’ or better.

/ Mission Statement

DBAT’s core purposes are to:

• focus on improving the educational experiences, employment prospects and life chances of young people, especially those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds;
• demonstrate that children’s life-chances are improved when their formal education is within the context of an Academy that is founded in the Christian tradition, establishes an ethos that is distinctively Christian and embraces the very best practices in teaching, learning, leadership, management and safety;
• accelerate students’ levels of attainment and achievement, and raises student, teacher and parental aspirations and ambitions;
• help to create more cohesive communities enhancing opportunities for social mobility by striving to eliminate the attainment gap between students from disadvantaged backgrounds and young people who by circumstances of birth and inheritance take for granted their automatic right to a good education;
• transform the overall performance of underperforming schools in deprived areas, helping to improve and innovate in all aspects of teaching, learning and leadership and promoting the development of future leaders.

/ Vision

Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust (DBAT) aspires to transform the educational landscape of the Diocese, working with all Church academies (including educationally under-performing academies in disadvantaged socio-economic areas) to accelerate student attainment and contribute to community cohesion, so transforming academy performance and students’ life chances through excellent leadership.

/ Values

DBAT adopts the Diocesan values for schools which is that families of schools collectively meet all students’ needs and are based on the fundamental belief that all students can achieve, succeed and thrive. We own that it is our job to ensure this happens so that:
• Families protect all their member schools
• Families of schools meet the needs of all employees
• Families facilitate knowledge transfer
• Families distribute innovation
• Families save time and money
• Families ensure that all students can achieve, succeed and thrive
• Families deal effectively with special educational needs
• Families support new and existing leaders
• Families embed the capacity to improve/manage change
• Families build leadership capacity and succession
• Families aid the integration of Children’s services

In all Families there will be stronger and weaker partners but all are valued.

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