Eden Boys' School, Bolton is an inclusive, outward-looking and progressive 11-18 Muslim faith school with a specialism in Leadership.  The school is part of a successful family of schools, run by the Tauheedul Education Trust. Eden Boys’ has developed a reputation for excellence and is heavily over-subscribed. In May 2017, the school was inspected by Ofsted and rated Outstanding in every category.   The school has an inclusive approach to faith, welcoming learners of all faiths and none and recognising that we are all part of, and contributing to, something far greater than ourselves.   Our mission is to promote a culture of educational excellence, character development and service to communities, from within a caring and secure Islamic environment enriched with the values of discipline, mutual care and respect, which extends beyond the school into the wider community. Our vision is to nurture today's young people and inspire tomorrow's leaders. We are committed to fostering a learning campus - one where opportunities are tailored for the personal needs of each learner and their family. We believe in nurturing our learners into model citizens who make a positive contribution to the community and are champions of their school.  We aspire to recruit the best teachers and associate staff, developing the brightest young talent and fast-tracking high-achievers. Staff who have joined us have excelled in their chosen role and made rapid progress within a relatively short time. We believe our staff are our best resource and investing in their learning is the best way to help our learners achieve outstanding results. Our staff list is full of success stories. Here are just a few examples: Richard joined us as a Head of Computer Science and is now an Assistant Principal Sumaya joined us as a Recently Qualified Teacher (RQT) and is now Head of English Suleman joined us as a Pastoral Head of Year and is now a qualified PE Teacher Sam joined us a Teaching Assistant and is now completing his Assessment Only route into teaching and will be a qualified History Teacher by the end of the year Samira joined us as an Admin Apprentice and is now a Reprographics Officer If you want to work in a school where your talents and effort will be recognised, appreciated, celebrated and rewarded then have a look at 'Our Jobs.' We look forward to welcoming you into our great team.


High expectations We have the highest of expectations of our students. We expect all of our students to attend school on time every day, ready to learn and achieve. Our schools provide safe, focused and happy environments for learning. Outstanding behaviour improves students’ capacity to learn. We enforce our behaviour policy robustly and consistently across the school. Our student code of conduct sets out the high standards of behaviour that we expect. We are positive when our students behave well, but have clear consequences for misbehaviour and a zero tolerance of bullying, abusive or discriminatory language and violence. All adults in our schools model the positive behaviour we expect of our students. Equally, we expect our parents to reinforce these behaviours at home. We work hard to create a culture of high aspirations throughout the school. We set ambitious targets for every student. Our aim is that every student should achieve at least a grade higher than the national expectation in each phase of their learning. Staff, students and parents are involved in the whole process of setting the targets and are expected to take responsibility for them once they are agreed. A high-powered, knowledge-based academic curriculum TET’s curriculum is broad and balanced, with an emphasis on academic success. Our schools prioritise learning in Literacy, Numeracy, Languages, Humanities and Science. Our curriculum is both coherent and cumulative, with an emphasis on the critical importance of knowledge acquisition. Our students are required to read extensively from a broad range of high quality and increasingly challenging literary and technical material across all disciplines. Our curriculum is designed to cultivate well-rounded, intelligent and socially-aware students, but it is also tailored to deliver excellent academic results. Regardless of background or prior ability, we aim to secure the best outcomes for all of our students, ensuring that our curriculum gives a solid foundation for future learning at every stage. Carefully focused traditional teaching, rigorous tracking and personalised intervention Our approach to teaching is traditional – good teachers, with sound subject knowledge, leading the classroom and delivering a focused curriculum. All lessons are intricately planned and take into account models for best practice. Our teaching staff develop innovative and highly successful approaches to sustain students’ interest. This enables us to push the boundaries of the possible to achieve the improbable. We have the highest expectations of every child. Every child at a TET school has their progress closely monitored to ensure they are always meeting their - and our - high expectations. After each assessment, targets are set for every student and appropriate interventions and personalised ‘catch-up’ activities are planned. Targets are regularly reviewed and revised in accordance with the student’s achievement. We send home report cards five times a year to ensure that parents are kept abreast of their child’s progress and are immediately informed if any issues arise. We meet parents whose child is at risk of not achieving their potential after each report card.  Students are celebrated and rewarded for their successes but, just as importantly, we intervene immediately with a personalised approach if there is a cause for concern. Highly qualified staff that are motivated, well trained and using cutting edge research We believe that the most effective learning goes hand-in-hand with the most inspirational teaching, which is why our teachers are some of the best in the business. They are highly motivated and benefit from extensive training and continued professional development. This support means they deliver the very best outcomes for students, helping them to realise their potential. A rich and diverse leadership programme that grows character and inspires charitable and social action Our R-18 Leadership Framework is designed to instil the three interdependent Tauheedul Leadership Characteristics of Performance Leadership, Moral Leadership and Civic Leadership - characteristics that together ensure our students not only ‘do their best’ but ‘do the right thing’ and play a full role in society. The Framework sets our focus for leadership development, laying out the key competencies required to develop as well-rounded, ethical and accomplished leaders of tomorrow. By developing an aptitude for Performance Leadership, we equip our students with the skills to realise their potential for excellence in any performance-related environment. Programmes in sports, creative arts and entrepreneurship offer powerful opportunities to build resilience, cultivate ingenuity and develop leadership potential. Our careers and universities offer focuses on the skills, experience and qualifications required by leading employers and prestigious universities. Through this rounded Performance Leadership programme, students learn that success is largely contingent on effort, diligence, perseverance, a strong work ethic, mental toughness, self-discipline and an enduring ability to maintain a positive attitude. An effective leader does not, however, rely on results alone and - by emphasising the importance of Moral Leadership - our students grow to value the traits of integrity, justice, equity, caring, respect and cooperation; all of which are needed for successful interpersonal relationships and ethical conduct. Our Ethics and Values Programme provides learning opportunities for our students to work through real life ethical dilemmas and challenges and engage in debates and public speaking - activities which foster a respect for others, ethical reflection and a critical consciousness. Our focus on Civic Leadership develops a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability and accentuates the importance of citizenship, charity and social action. Students experience the merits of community volunteering from a young age. Our project-based civic curriculum teaches young people critical life-long leadership skills such as collaboration, resourcefulness and accountability. Students take on increasingly responsible leadership roles that culminate in Civic Leadership Projects in which they identify a community concern, and then plan, execute and evaluate a project to address it.  “Giving something back” is fundamental to our philosophy and all of our students, from the youngest to the oldest, also enjoy planning innovative ways to raise money for charities in the UK and beyond. Together, these opportunities for civic and charitable activities seek to nurture a growing sense of agency and connect our students constructively to their community. Our Leadership Lecture series brings together highly-successful leaders from the worlds of business, politics and the public sector who embody performance, moral and civic leadership. Secondary school students benefit from hearing the success stories of over 100 local, regional and national leaders, and primary school students have an opportunity to engage with up to 50 influential keynote speakers. These aspirational role models offer real-world advice about setting, achieving and surpassing personal goals, nurturing ambition and self-motivation in all our students.   Through participation in our unique leadership programmes, students work towards securing the core Tauheedul Leadership Characteristics. The R-18 Framework recognises students’ accomplishments and accredits the leadership skills, knowledge and attributes sought by top universities and employers, feeding directly into our vision of nurturing today’s young people and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

Working for Us

If you would like to work with us, you can join our School Talent Pool and receive email alerts of all future vacancies you are interested in, ensuring you're the first to hear of any relevant jobs at our school as they are advertised.  Join our School Talent Pool now! Why work for us? Outstanding training and development opportunities  Professional Development is at the heart of our philosophy. The school is committed to creating a positive climate for whole school community learning including pupils, parents, all staff (support staff, teaching assistants and teachers) and governors.  We actively promote opportunities for all our staff to enhance their professional practice. In developing our provision we draw on the experience and talents of our own internal staff and the benefits which come from belonging to a family schools within Tauheedul Education Trust. Trust wide working groups, networks and training allow staff from across the family of schools to share best practice, network and ultimately shape the Trust’s future strategy. Through the Tauheedul Teaching School, we are able to offer first class CPD courses, training, research and development opportunities. As a licensed provider of leadership development, our aim is to ensure that employees at all levels of the organisation can access highly personalised leadership development programmes, including our own NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH. Corporate social responsibility The school is committed to supporting and developing the communities it serves.  We have a clear vision of our role in the community in which we work. All staff have the option to work alongside our pupils in volunteering and community service programmes. Through the Tauheedul Charity our students and staff are on a mission to make the United Kingdom and our world a better place. Students and staff are empowered and supported to demonstrate a corporate conscience and lead social good projects in their local communities and across the Globe. Competitive salaries We value our staff and place a supreme importance on their well being. We aim to offer job satisfaction, work-life balance and a competitive reward package.  Opportunities for promotion As an employee of Tauheedul Education Trust, you will be open to an internal market for progression within the growing group of Trust schools. All staff are assigned a leadership category using the Tauheedul Leadership Framework and Competency Model. In addition, high potential individuals are fast tracked into leadership and management as part of the Tauheedul Talent Initiative. Pension scheme All contracted members of staff will be automatically enrolled into either the Teachers’ Pension Scheme or the Local Government Pension Scheme (whichever is appropriate). Childcare vouchers We participate in the Busy Bees childcare voucher scheme which provides tax benefits to working parents. Simplyhealth All staff are offered a Healthcare Cash Plan from Simplyhealth.  The Cash Plan allows staff to claim money back on the cost of everyday healthcare, such as dental treatment, eye tests, physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic treatment, homeopathy and chiropody/podiatry, all up to an agree annual limit.  Payroll giving scheme The school offer a payroll giving scheme. This flexible scheme allows anyone who pays UK income tax to give regularly and on a tax free basis to the charities and good causes of their choice.   

Our Faith Ethos

We are proud of our faith, its values and its emphasis on a shared view of humanity – one family and one world for which we all share responsibility. We take a progressive, outward-facing, inclusive and globally-orientated interpretation of the Islamic faith.

Everything we do is designed to enable all our students to live their lives according to the values of self-discipline, compassion, mutual respect for all people regardless of difference and respect for the earth itself. These fundamental values underpin the Islamic faith and our British way of life.

The academy aims to celebrate all that faith has to give and instil a sense of joy at being part of the local and wider community. We have an inclusive approach to faith, welcoming people of all faiths and none and recognising that we are all part of, and contributing to, something far greater than ourselves.

We place great emphasis on character development – promoting values such as respect, care, tolerance, self-discipline and love for each other. We promote an ethical lifestyle, enabling our learners to feel empowered to fulfil their responsibilities to themselves, their families, wider humanity and the environment around them.

Regardless of their religious beliefs, we want to prepare all our students to become high achieving, fully engaged citizens in multi-cultural 21st century Britain. For our Muslim students, we want to help them to explore how they can apply faith values in their everyday lives as committed and tolerant members of British society. We want them to become model British citizens, inspired by faith to uphold fundamental British values, reject extremism in any form and to prosper as part of British society. We want them to make a genuine and determined contribution and, by their actions, to demonstrate the best of what the Muslim faith can contribute to British life and culture.

We are not associated with - or subscribe to the views of - any faith organisation or movement.

Principal's Welcome

Assalamu Alaikum / Peace be with you

A very warm welcome to the Eden Boys’ School, Bolton careers site. We are a new Muslim faith secondary school for boys that promotes fundamental British values and welcomes applications from all faiths and none. 

Eden Boys’ School, Bolton offers a culture of high expectations, a high powered academic curriculum, an exciting enrichment programme and a strong emphasis on community service. At our school every student matters; we take a personalised approach ensuring that each student has a set of aspirational, but achievable, targets; and a school offer that helps every student to achieve them.

Through outstanding teaching and learning, access to fantastic enrichment activities and opportunities to serve others, our boys will develop into successful and dynamic young leaders ready to play their part in serving their families, communities and country. Their time at Eden will be a transformational experience leading to levels of achievement, attainment and self-belief that might seem unattainable to them today.

Our proximity to the thriving Manchester economy and to a world-class research intensive Higher Education sector will open up opportunities for some amazing educational experiences during the boys’ time with us.

Our emphasis on community service will keep our students grounded – understanding their responsibilities and the important role they have to play in improving their communities. We want every student – regardless of faith or background – to become a well-qualified, rounded British citizen, and a proud Boltonian, who aspires to be the very best they can in all aspects of their lives.

All of this is only possible with talented, passionate and enthusiastic workforce. As the school grows, we are looking to recruit dynamic and ambitious individuals who will drive the school forward in its formative years.

We aspire to recruit the best teachers and associate staff. Whether you are interested in a job as a teacher or a member of support staff, we expect all our staff to play a role in developing our pupils. As an employee of Tauheedul Education Trust, you will enjoy first class professional development opportunities, progression opportunities across the family of Tauheedul schools, access to coaching and a competitive rewards and benefits package.

If you share our belief in the power of outstanding education to transform lives, empower communities and create exemplary citizens, we want to hear from you.  

Shabir Fazal


Tauheedul Education Trust

 Nurturing Today’s Young People I Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Eden Boys' School, Bolton is part of the Tauheedul Education Trust – one of the UK’s leading education providers.

Tauheedul Education Trust (TET) is a mixed Multi Academy Trust that runs both faith-based and non-faith primary and secondary schools.  It is a values-based organisation that works to improve the life chances of young people in areas of social and economic deprivation to help them succeed at the highest levels of education, employment and the professions.

Tauheedul schools promote excellence in everything they do. In every school, the entire staff team – working in partnership with parents – is committed to nurturing today’s young people and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders. The Tauheedul Pledge of Excellence embodies this endeavour and sets out the key components of the Trust’s educational offer.

Trust schools work together as Tauheedul Education Partnerships (TEPs) in five cluster areas – Lancashire, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, the Midlands and London. Schools within the TEP areas collaborate to share expertise and maximise opportunities and experiences for our students.

The Trust employs the very best staff and invests heavily in their continuing professional development. Staff benefit from an extensive range of nationally accredited training provided by Tauheedul College for Teaching and Leadership.

Find out more about Tauheedul Education Trust by visiting http://www.tetrust.org/

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