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In using & developing innovative learning environments our students are given the power, confidence & freedom to learn and be creative according to their individual needs & potential. A universal belief in our mission, ‘All Will Succeed’, access to the most outstanding resources and a strong sense of belonging, ownership and community underpin our work. We take a personalised approach to meeting the learning needs of each and every student, make a real investment in our people and work tirelessly to achieve together more than any individual could achieve alone.

About Us

 All Will Succeed! Our approach is simple and some say unique; we seek to remove any barriers to learning for every child.  In using and developing innovative learning environments our students are given the power, confidence and freedom to learn and be creative according to their individual needs and potential. We provide for each student a window on the world and the ability to access information at any time.  We support and deepen the learning process not only in the classroom, but way beyond.  We do this using the ‘Three Pillars’ of Social Capital, Personalised Learning and Professional Capital. These three pillars are founded on belief that all will succeed, with a community focus on ensuring success through access to learning for all our students and their families. Social Capital We believe that every child's individual needs are more effectively met through the collective minds, talents, abilities and efforts of all of those individuals who come together to form our community.  Working collaboratively we identify the talents, abilities and strengths of each individual and as a community strive to enhance these. The Academy works hard to build positive relationships to ensure the wellbeing and success of all of our students. The building of these relationships and networks and the opportunities these bring are key factors in developing the Social Capital of our students. This ensures a purposeful, focused and a self-regulated community which enables our students to reach their potential and secure the best, possible outcomes. The opportunities that we provide not only enhance students learning but also allows for experiences that set our students apart from the rest.  Personalised Learning   We believe that each child is an individual and we do not predetermine specific learning pathways for groups of students. Through the development of innovative tools and technologies that allow access to rich and rigorous provision, students move through a cognitively based curriculum approach in a systematic manner. Student choice and aptitude, flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs are key features of this approach. We have a strong year 7 New Basics curriculum that accelerates and deepens students' levels of literacy and enquiry skills. We enable universal access to learning through our family iPad programme. Professional Capital As with social capital, we believe that when we work together, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We invest significantly in all of our people in terms of leadership and pedagogy to ensure the strongest possible basis for developing our students. This demands further developing of relationships within and beyond the academy. There is a highly committed approach to match individual development to professional need, enabling us to develop talent at the earliest opportunity. Exposure to experiences beyond the norm for a school workforce are again the norm for Essa Academy.   Essa Academy is wholly committed to Bolton, its communities and its children and young people. As an Academy, we seek to work closely and collaboratively with all Bolton schools and communities to raise the attainment of Bolton students, and to equip them and their families with skills, knowledge and behaviours related to real jobs, which will enable them to be productive citizens in the 21st century.  

Working for us

Staff Benefits    Alongside our continual focus on professional development, we also offer a variety of other benefits.These have been chosen to help our employees develop professionally, plan their finances and look after their wellbeing. Pension Schemes - Automatic enrolment into Teachers Pension Scheme for teaching personnel and into the Local Government Pension Scheme for associate staff. Non Contractual Benefits include: Technology- All teachers are issued with both an iPad and MacBook Air. Childcare vouchers- Available for those staff with young children who have childcare costs. Health Cash Plan- A private healthcare cash plan offering cash back towards healthcare bills. Half Term Early Finish- At the end of each half term and full term we look to close the building early, so all can enjoy an early start to their holidays. Car Park- Plenty of free car parking on-site Car Valeting- On a weekly basis, for a reasonable fee, you can have your car valeted on site – this saves time going to the garage at the weekend (this is a service carried out by an independent business).   Interested in working for us? If you're searching for your next post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed people - send us your CV now via our School Talent Pool and say what sort of role you're looking for. By joining our School Talent Pool we'll know you're interested in working here when a future vacancy occurs.  Join our School Talent Pool now!  For more information about School Talent Pools visit    

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