Finham Park 2 opened in September 2015 with 120 students. In September 2016 we moved to our permanent site in a high quality newly refurbished building with superb facilities. We are fully staffed with a positive, strong, supportive and forward thinking team. We have a full cohort of wonderful students and were significantly oversubscribed in 2016-17. Our monitoring visits from the Department for Education have been extremely positive. Finham Park School, the parent organisation of Finham Park 2, has been a highly regarded part of the educational landscape in Coventry for over forty years. It has a long and proud history of providing the highest quality teaching; an innovative curriculum offering a wealth of exciting extra-curricular activities for young people of all ages and abilities. The school has consistently been judged as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted over a ten year period – a reflection of the ambition leaders at the school have for all students. Finham Park 2 reflects the ethos and ‘World Class’ ambitions of Finham Park School – building upon our core values of Pride, Respect and Responsibility. We believe that school is also about children ‘having the time of their lives’ - filling their days with so many happy memories that when they look back, they also inspire future generations to enjoy learning. Our goal is not to be just an ‘Outstanding’ school, but a ‘World Class’ one – something for the whole community to be proud of!

About Us

Finham Park 2 we will strive to inspire through the delivery of a “World Class” education – success for all our learners. This school will be a beacon of excellence for the wider Coventry community where everyone feels safe, valued, included and proud. We will nurture every learner’s natural curiosity – providing them with life enriching opportunities to develop socially, academically and morally.

We value honesty, teamwork and leadership; enjoyment, excitement and challenge will be key features of life at Finham Park 2. Learners will develop confidence, resilience, respect for others and a life-long love of learning, making them valued members of the Coventry community and contributors to both national and international stages.

Working for Us

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Our vision is to provide another outstanding secondary school for parents and children in Coventry with the highest expectations.

Finham Park 2 will be a mainstream, non-selective, comprehensive school for students aged 11-18.  The new academy will be built on traditional values.  Pivotal to this will be a positive ethos and culture of learning and success for all students.  There will be particular regard to outstanding achievement for all students whatever their academic starting point and a commitment to lifelong learning for all stakeholders.

There will be a broad and balanced curriculum which will allow students to successfully work towards GCSE and A level qualifications.  There will be the highest expectations in terms of academic standards, a business-like approach in the way that students present themselves in terms of school uniform, being in school every day and on time.

The new academy will provide students with a safe and secure environment in which to learn.  We will develop a team ethos from day one.  The development of student leadership roles will be key to developing young people who are confident, articulate and have a willingness to embrace new challenges.

Finham Park 2 will be a place in which parents, governors and the local community are valued partners working alongside the school.  They will all have a role in contributing to and supporting the culture and ethos of the school.

Finham Park 2 will embrace innovation and change, constantly evaluating all our work so that it meets the needs of our students. It will become a ‘World Class’ academy; a place where all students develop a love for ‘Learning for Life’.

Finham Park School is a high achieving academy with an outstanding Ofsted inspection, the highest national outcomes at both GCSE and A level with a thriving sixth form. Students are part of a learning community that leads to both high outcomes in academic examinations and in personal qualities. Pride, respect and responsibility are encouraged and leadership and teamwork highly valued. Finham Park School will be the basis for Finham Park 2.

Key Features of the School

  • High attaining ethos both in educational outcomes and examinations
  • Highest expectations of effort, behaviour, attendance, parental support and dress
  • Mathematics and Computing Specialism to support local and national economy and jobs
  • 11-18, Co-educational
  • Students can join the school in year 7 from September 2015
  • Students can join year 12 from September 2020
  • 4 forms of entry
  • Location - to be confirmed soon
  • Curriculum:
    • Academic curriculum to include Mandarin Chinese and computing
    • Personalised pathways for options to ensure the best possible outcomes with a 2 year KS3 and 3 year GCSE curriculum, with high levels of students achieving the Ebacc.
    • Outstanding advice and guidance will be given through all transitions.
    • Wide and varied enrichment programme to engender love of learning and a broad experience.
    • The Sixth Form will offer suitable qualifications that will prepare students better for University, work or further training.
    • 'High value' vocational pathways to support entry to apprenticeships
    • Strong links with local primary schools to develop a transition curriculum from key stage 2 to 3 to ensure stretch and challenge for most able and intense catch-up and support for least able
    • Pastoral curriculum
      • Built around the core values of Pride, Respect and Responsibility
      • Personal mentoring with a vertical college system as the school fills. (At Finham Park School students are grouped into mixed age colleges- Northgate, Eastgate, Southgate and Westgate not into year groups 7-11). 
        Mentor groups (tutor groups) are made up of approximately 3 students from each year group. This leads to better relationships between students of all year groups and a more cohesive school community. A similar model will be adopted by the new academy.
      • Student leadership as a backbone to high engagement and achievement  (and as part of the Children’s University Programme)
      • Student voice will be a key feature of the school through the innovative ‘Baraza’ model
      • Praise culture with clear  boundaries and consistently applied sanctions
  • Teaching and learning
    • Teachers will be offered high-quality professional development as part of Finham Park School’s training programme.
    • Teaching will be personalised with support, stretch and challenge evident in all lessons; gifted and talented students will be pushed to achieve their very best from the first day in school
    • Planning will be rigorous and build on regular assessments
    • Students will have opportunities to lead learning as well as give honest feedback about their learning.
    • When appropriate, students will use new technologies such as iPads, smart phones/ iPods, social media and cloud storage to support their learning.
    • Our virtual learning environment will support 24 hour learning for all students and ensure parents are kept up to date with their children’s learning and progress
    • Teaching Assistants will support the learning of specific students as well as their teachers to ensure students can work independently and lessons are properly differentiated.

Finham Park 2 will have a collaborative approach working closely with local primary and secondary schools to ensure the best education for all of our students.

The school will be run by its own Board of Governors which will be accountable to the Academy Trust which will oversee the new academy as well as Finham Park School.