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Inspire Academy is a special school in every sense.  All of our students are unique and we work very hard to understand the ways in which they learn best and can then support and guide them on an individual basis.

We have a dedicated staff that are passionate about providing the best possible opportunities and education for each individual.  At Inspire Academy we celebrate difference, we constantly challenge and resolve conflict, always having high expectations about student behaviour, relationships and attainment.  Supporting the individual can be a challenge but this is far outweighed by the pleasure as educators seeing them grow and progress in all aspects of their lives.

All the students at Inspire have an EHCP, primarily SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health), some exhibit very challenging behaviour and Mainstream schooling is not always the most appropriate setting.  Sometimes their first encounter of school has been chaotic and certainly challenging, many have had a fragmented education and have fallen behind their peers academically.  This often results in self-esteem issues and anti-social behaviour.

With small classes and amazing staff that truly understand SEMH we feel that once a student starts at Inspire they have every opportunity to turn their lives around.  Every child has the right to achieve and we believe that every parent and carer has the right to expect that Inspire Academy will do its very best for their child.  With this in mind we work closely with parents and carers and other agencies to help each student make positive choices and changes which will serve them better in their future.

A key feature that we try to adopt is teaching the students to take responsibility for their behaviour and consequences.  We teach them to try and put things right when they go wrong, together with learning the values of tolerance and respect for themselves and others.

We do not believe it is acceptable for any student to behave in an unsafe or inappropriate way without regard to others.  Clear rules, boundaries, expectations and consequences.  We show our students how to build positive relationships.  By doing all of this during the time our students are with us, we develop their academic and personal skills and confidence that will enable them to face society.

Yours sincerely,

Mr M. O'Donnell

About Us

We set high standards at Inspire Academy but we treat our students as individuals and do what is best for each and every one of them.
Often our young people are hostile and volatile young people; often they have been let down or ‘sidestepped’ by the education, health and social care system. Our students are unique and exceptional young people who can be fragile and need constant and consistent support.

The school aims to support not just academic but social, emotional and life skills helping them to plan for and work towards a future that includes a plan for continual learning and development. Our curriculum and enrichment supports these aims and equips our young people to communicate with respect and skill. We expect the young people, the parents and carers and all other professionals to work together to help the young person to achieve and develop their interests and to build confidence and expectation of themselves and of their peers.

The staff model and demonstrate acceptance and celebrate difference and achievement. By absorbing the good practice around them, our students develop the academic and personal skills, and confidence, that will enable them to become responsible adults who have jobs and fulfilling relationships. This may happen quickly or, for some, over a longer period of time, but all of our young people will receive support and advice to build the resilience and strategies required to succeed.

Educationalists call this school a challenging environment – it is. We challenge students, Parents and Carers to support their young persons' growth; we challenge local authority to see beyond the initial chaos and smoke screen created by the young people in their attempt to prove that yet another school will “not keep them” and support us to break the cycle. We are confident that by the time our students reach their final year with us, they will have a growing confidence. We are confident that our young people will achieve the academic and social skills that in turn will support choice and opportunity for these remarkable young people. We aim to support the young people to choose a positive future. In their journey through the school, they will demonstrate growing confidence and will be able to look you in the eye and talk to you. The young person will not be offending and they will be attending sixth form, college or accessing an apprenticeship.