The Learning in Harmony Trust is an innovative multi-academy trust (MAT) based across east London and Southend. In September 2014, Sheringham Primary School and JFK Special School formed the Trust, and Upton Cross Primary School and Hartley Primary School both joined in the following year. At the start of this new academic year, we welcome the Federation of Greenways Junior and Infant Schools and Blenheim Primary School, all in Southend.  All our primary schools have 600+ pupils on roll, and JFK is one of the best specialist schools in the country. You can find out more about each on their dedicated pages. We do expect to further increase our number of schools and expand our geographical range in the near future, but there is no intention to outgrow our capacity. We want to be big enough to sustainably do all the amazing things we want to do, but small enough to still know each other very well. For staff joining or remaining with us, this represents more opportunities to learn and grow with us in our exciting journey. We are often asked how different a MAT is from informal partnerships that have historically been valued by mainstream schools. We cherish those and continue to identify and share best practice externally and to use this to improve the provision for all pupils. However, internally we see ourselves as mutually accountable for each other's schools, and therefore really engage in sharing, challenging and supporting each other - while still giving each one plenty of space to explore individually and retain their own very unique characteristics. It is a fine line, but so far we have been quite good at it. Visit our schools and you will agree – it is our shared values that unite us. For more information, please visit www.learninginharmonytrust.com

About us

  The name of the Trust – Learning in Harmony – is significant because it encapsulates some of the key principles of the overall organisation and essential principles that must drive the practice of its members schools.  In the Learning in Harmony Trust we believe that doing things in harmony means a commitment to working collaboratively and effectively using everyone’s strengths to meet a common aim. We do not follow a school-in-a-box model, and instead work collaboratively at al levels within and across each school to maximise potential through continuous challenge and support. And while there is a presumption for partnership within our Trust, there is also a commitment to schools retaining their own identity. We are also guided by the belief that: We must strive for all pupils within the trust to not just be literate and numerate, but also fully prepared to play a happy and fulfilled role in society. We are all learners and an environment where staff are supported and given license to take risks, innovate and learn from their endeavours is essential. Teachers and schools can and do learn from each other and from research so that effective practice spreads. Schools are about learning, and activities that take place within a school should only occur if they have an impact upon children’s learning in a positive nurturing environment.  

Working for us

  As an employer, we believe we are in a privileged position as we offer opportunities across very different settings, all full of excellent support and challenge. We aim to recruit and retain high quality teaching and non-teaching staff in order to maintain our success. If you are passionate about education and are seeking a new oportunity, at any level in your career development, here are some reasons to join us: We believe that all staff have the potential to make an outstanding impact upon the learning of the pupils and all staff are entitled to a level of support and challenge that will empower them as educators, wherever they are in their career development. We are big on CPD and we have recently partnered with EdisonLearning and the Aspire Programme for school improvement and staff development. Our schools are very different from each other, but all have extensive track record of successful training and development - and are great and dynamic places to be! Pop in for a visit and ask our staff about the mentoring, coaching and the socials!   We seek opportunities to explore alternative approaches to be used to support recruitment, aid retention, and reward further staff that demonstrate high levels of impact on learning. A dedicated working party gets together regularly to think outside of the box and develop strategies to recruit and retain for all our schools.  As a Trust, we are also committed to at least matching the terms and conditions of staff in maintained schools. This work is carried out through consultations with a Joint Consultative Group that has been established with national and local Trade Unions (for teaching and support staff). We have also partnered with Perkbox, and all staff on pay-roll access the same level of a comprehensive and exciting Employees Benefits Scheme.  If we sound like your pot of tea, please browse the available vacancies and join our talent pool so you can be kept informed of future vacancies. We are always happy to hear from enthusiastic educators and keen learners, so get in touch with us through our website at any time to explore opportunities to grow with us. 

Our Priorities


We do not follow a school-in-a box model, and instead work collaboratively at all levels within and across each school to maximise potential through continuous challenge and support. Beyond working enthusiastically to provide the best education to all our pupils, we are currently focusing on the following priorities:

            •  To improve further the quality of self-evaluation and school improvement planning at member schools through mutual support and challenge;

            •  To ensure that a quality workforce is in place by seeking opportunities to support teacher training and early development in a coordinated way;

            •  To ensure that middle and senior leaders are given maximum opportunities to develop, optimising their potential and retaining their expertise and experiences within the Trust;

            •  To ensure that the best expert and specialist support and advice is available to pupils who need it within the Trust;

            •  To ensure that money spent on staff and services that support the infrastructure of our schools is used most efficiently, and that where appropriate improvements are made by central coordination of key tasks and functions.

Senior leaders from across all schools have been specifically allocated to develop these priorities through the year, and dedicated working groups are developing various projects in all these areas. If you would like to know more about our work, please get in touch with us.