Careers at Lyon Park Primary School - Wembley, Greater London, HA0 4HH


Lyon Park Primary School seeks to provide the very best for our children in many ways but first and foremost through consistently well-taught lessons taken from a well-planned curriculum.

By the time they are ready to move on to secondary school we hope that our children will be independent and co-operative members of the school community. They will have learnt to respect the rights of the individual, be aware that they have something to contribute, be ready to respect and appreciate what others have to offer and be confident in the knowledge of their own progress and personal achievements. They will have developed lively and enquiring minds, and the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks, physical challenges and the solution of problems using a variety of approaches, materials and methods.


Our Mission

'Learning and Growing Together'  



Our Vision Statements

• Together we will enable every child to achieve their best in all areas, from the time they enter the school irrespective of their starting points.

• Together we will ensure that all teaching leads to good or better outcomes.

• Together we will support all pupils to develop as independent learners who are able to take responsibility for their own learning and apply what they have learnt within and beyond the school.

• Together we will share clear expectations about behaviour and safety.

• Together all in the school community will accept responsibility for their own actions and respect the differences and rights of others.

• Together all in the school community will have the opportunity to share in the collective responsibility for self-evaluation and improvement.  

• Together we will all share and promote the ethos and values of the school.