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"Together we care, enjoy, challenge, and achieve" The education of children throughout Primary schooling is a crucial process likely to have a profound effect on his or her life chances of successes. It is therefore of vital importance that you explore the provision of opportunities and resources we offer here at Manorcroft.

You will see that care of ourselves and each other is our foundation stone in building a carefully planned learning journey for each pupil with a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment. In our school the achievement of every child's personal, social and academic potential is the key expectation – each youngster equipped with a sense of self confidence from their personal experience of success as a learner, motivated to succeed in Secondary School and beyond.  

About Us

At Manorcroft we believe in the importance of life long learning together with the unique contribution made by each individual to our community of learners. Learning experiences are planned to interest, challenge and stimulate pupils. Both social and academic achievements are celebrated by the whole school. We believe that successful learners are confident, self disciplined, independent and trustworthy individuals.

Pupils are taught 'The Golden Rules' of good behaviour to nurture an aptitude for effective individual study and to develop the skills of good citizenship within our school community. A range of teaching strategies is employed to optimise effective teaching and learning of pupils at every age level. We carefully plan to deliver a differentiated curriculum, broad and balanced in content to meet the needs of pupils of differing abilities.

Pupils encounter learning experiences specifically structured to promote genuine enquiry. Pupils master learning processes and skills in addition to specific subject knowledge. We encourage an awareness of the language of learning. Within this, we examine the relationship between what is to be learned to what is known, providing for continuity in the learning process. Our aims are: To provide a safe, stimulating and secure environment in which all children can flourish.

To help all children to be happy, confident and enthusiastic learners. To encourage creative, enquiring minds. To enable each child to reach their full potential by fostering self esteem and a sense of achievement. To encourage the development of skills and attitudes to promote lifelong learning. To enable all children to develop self discipline through self motivation. To foster an awareness of acceptable standards of work, attitude and behaviour, both in and out of school. To help each child to become a responsible member of society. To work in partnership with parents in all aspects of their child's learning. To provide equality of access to the curriculum and an equal chance for all children to fulfil their potential. To ensure that discrimination on any ground is not tolerated.

Working for Us

If you're searching for your next teaching post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers - send us your CV now via our School Talent Pool and say what sort of role you're looking for. By joining our School Talent Pool we'll know you're interested in working here when a future vacancy occurs.

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