We are an Independent Specialist Provision

Nanpantan Hall Nurture Centre is more than a school it is a support network for its students and their families which aspires to Lay the Foundations for Success.

We catering for students aged 5-11 with a diagnosis of autism and/or associated social, emotional and mental health difficulties, the Nurture Centre offers a unique environment that provides a safe place to learn, grow and succeed. 

Meet the Directors

John Furborough - Director of Education

John is an experienced senior leader with over 18 years experience working with students with special educational needs across Leicestershire. He has been an inspirational leader in three large special needs schools and his own independent school. John has an outstanding track record of working with young people with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities from Early Years through to Post 16.

As a qualified head teacher John has gained national recognition for his work on promoting high aspirations for students with special needs and has had some of his work published by the Department for Education and led training both at a local and national level.

Lisa Furborough - Director of Business

Lisa is an experienced educational practitioner with over eight years experience teaching and supporting the learning of young people with special needs. During her time as a learning support assistant and hospitality instructor Lisa has worked successfully with a wide range of learning disabilities in both school and after school settings.

As a successful business leader Lisa has used her strong communication and organisational skills to support the day-to-day running of two special needs schools. Lisa works with a variety of staff, parents and outside agencies to successful facilitate the smooth running of the organisation.

Vision, Values and Aims


We aspire to 'Lay the Foundations for Success' by nurturing each students self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning and developing their abilities to self-regulate their thoughts, feelings and emotions so that they can build positive relationships and communicate effectively with the world around them.


Within the Nanpantan Hall Nurture Centre community we;

  • Value every member for their strengths, skills and uniqueness.
  • Respect others’ values, thoughts and ideas
  • Believe that everyone has the right to opportunities that enable them to achieve success.
  • Understand that respect, cooperation and commitment underpin daily practice throughout our learning environment.
  • Encourage positive partnerships through effective communication.


With a clear focus on holistic development the Nurture Centre looks to celebrate a student’s abilities and support them to overcome challenges and barriers that may prevent them from accessing learning in a traditional way.

The Nurture Centre has one core aim for its students which is to prepare them to be: 'Ready for Anything'


In order to achieve its aim the centre has four main objectives;

1. To develop each student’s self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning.

2. To develop each student's ability to self-regulate their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

3. To develop each student's understanding of the world around them.

4. To develop each student's ability to communicate effectively with the wider world and foster positive relationships.

Introduction to our Philosophy and Approach

Serenity Education has a profound passion and dedication to our part in educating our pupils.

We believe that each child has the right to a happy, safe, secure and educationally experience. We provide a nurturing environment for our pupils as well as a commitment to providing the best quality educational experiences. Our practices are informed by critical reflection and are shaped by our meaningful engagement and partnership with our families and our community.