Welcome to Norfolk House School, a leading London preparatory school for boys and girls aged four to eleven.

We are proud of the outstanding quality of education and pastoral care programmes for our children.

The school takes great pride in its happy and warm environment, where each and every pupil is valued and supported. Pupils at Norfolk House are nurtured and guided through school life; we aim to stimulate and inspire our children, develop their interests and equip them with lifelong learning skills.

Our last school inspection said our “Pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent; they clearly enjoy lessons and work well, both individually and collaboratively.” It went on to state that our “pupils’ achievements are excellent” and that they demonstrate “excellent” social awareness and “show a keen sense of responsibility towards each other.”

About Us

We are proud of our achievements. We have a nurturing environment where children feel supported and valued.

We want our pupils to be excited by school and all it offers. We want our pupils to develop their curiosity and independent thinking skills; we also want our pupils to develop confidence in all that they do.

Norfolk House has a very strong community. Parents and pupils of the school are committed and supportive of all the school does; this is a key ingredient of the school’s success.

From our small class sizes to our personalised learning provision, we do everything we can to ensure that every child flourishes and enjoys a successful career with us.

We constantly endeavour to provide a blend of innovation and traditional teaching to ensure that we attain the highest academic standards from a non-selective baseline in Reception, where our pupils achieve their individual potential, and their success is achieved as a by-product of the exciting curriculum and fantastic teaching and learning. Our committed and caring staff ensure that each child feels supported and cared for, with a focus on positive behaviour and individual approaches where needed. 

Pupils start school at the age of four in one of our two Reception classes; each class has around 13 pupils in it, with an equal split between boys and girls.

The school is housed in a handsome and charming Victorian house which retains many of its original features. More recently, a new dining hall, library and science laboratory have been added to the building.


Pastoral Care

Following the school’s last inspection, inspectors commented that “Pupils’ personal development is excellent, in accordance with the school’s aim to develop empathy, tolerance, respect and consideration… Arrangements for the safeguarding, welfare, health and safety of pupils are outstanding.”

The school provides a happy and nurturing environment in which it values all the pupils and encourages both respect between pupils and staff and respect between pupils themselves.

Staff promote pupils’ self confidence through support, praise and encouragement. Academic and non-academic achievements are recognised and celebrated.

We promote empathy and respect among our pupils. We also discuss the importance of helping others and understanding our responsibilities to others less fortunate.

Standards of behaviour and discipline are exceptional and pupils are polite and respectful to each other, staff and visitors.    

Working for Us

At Norfolk House School, we recognise that the people who work for us are fundamental in enabling us to provide an exceptional learning experience for every pupil we teach. To provide an outstanding education, we need outstanding teachers and support staff. If you would like to be part of a school that is always looking for improvement, that never stands still, that utilises every innovation to improve the learning environment, we would love to hear from you.

If you're searching for your next teaching/support post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers and support staff.

School Ethos

At Norfolk House we:

Innovate: using the latest teaching techniques and resources to provide a stimulating and meaningful learning experience for all our pupils.

Collaborate: by fostering a culture whereby every member of the Norfolk House School community works together for the benefit of the children.

As a result, our pupils succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

It is critical pupils at the school achieve the very highest standards both academically and socially. We have developed our own school ethos which we share with staff, pupils and parents:

To provide our children with the opportunities to achieve their academic potential within an environment where they feel valued, fulfilled, confident and emotionally secure.

To achieve our ethos we must:

  • Make the welfare and safety of our pupils our priority, providing well-developed and effective systems of pastoral care which nurture a sense of belonging and provide support for each individual.
  • Develop compassion, tolerance, empathy and cooperation in our children.
  • Encourage children to try their best and not be content to give less.
  • Promote academic excellence by offering first class teaching and by encouraging our children to aim high and to develop curiosity and independent learning.
  • Help prepare our children for life at their next school and as future citizens.

Part of Bellevue Education...

Norfolk House School is part of Bellevue Education

Bellevue Education is committed to excellence in education. Each Bellevue school is run independently but shares the same values: we believe in broad curricula delivered in innovative ways that excite and engage children; we believe in investment – in teachers, buildings and technology; and we believe that exceptional results should be a by-product of the education that we offer, not the exclusive focus.

We recruit the best teachers and head teachers and make sure that they are fully supported with innovative resources, shared best practice and focused training. We involve parents in their children’s education with not only regular meetings and written reports, but also with head teacher blogs, social media and parent workshops. Most importantly, we treat every child as an individual with their own unique set of talents.

Bellevue pupils are encouraged to aim high, and we provide them with everything they need to succeed.

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