Here at North Star 240° we cater for pupils aged 11-16 with SEMH and associated learning difficulties. Pupils here are placed through Bristol City Council SEN Department and other neighbouring authorities.

Our vision and value statement is to “Reshape the Future” and our aim is to develop confident, ambitious people who are emotionally and intellectually equipped for a brighter future. We believe that every student should have the education, opportunities and experiences to prepare them for a happy, fulfilled, meaningful life. And to do this we value:





High standards

Our aim is to promote confidence, broad mindedness and tolerance whilst providing the best range of skills to allow them to succeed in society. Students at North Star 240° are never judged on previous experiences and our mantra of “every day is a new day” informs our thinking at all times. We are currently graded by Ofsted as a “Good” school (March 2019) and we believe that we have progressed since that time, with many of our practices being outstanding.

About us

North Star 240° as part of the North Star Academy Trust promotes high achievement and an enjoyment in learning so that our pupils will:

  • be highly motivated and effective lifelong learners
  • develop the skills to meet the needs of a demanding and changing world
  • develop the skills to be able to make good choices
  • achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum
  • be able to make the most of their opportunities
  • be flexible and adaptable
  • develop the skills to behave appropriately, so becoming valued members of society
  • attend regularly and be happy and confident members of our school
  • respect religious views, moral values and other ethnic backgrounds and ways of life
  • have enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity
  • have high self-esteem, respecting themselves, others and the environment
  • feel valued and develop the confidence to have trusting relationships
  • work independently and collaboratively and be aware of themselves as learners
  • have the knowledge and skills to extend themselves in mind, body and spirit

We believe that our pupils will succeed through experiencing quality in:

  • a welcoming environment where morale is high
  • a safe and caring environment which is fair and where respect and truth are valued
  • opportunities for success that are offered to every child, every day
  • a stimulating learning environment where expectations are high
  • a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum which reflects the needs of our school community as well as having local and global dimensions
  • an ethos of support, challenge and encouragement where everyone is motivated and enthusiastic
  • an enriching programme of extra-curricular activities and visits
  • innovative teaching that addresses a variety of learning styles
  • learning partnerships between home and school and the community
  • an environment where there is reflective and intelligent practice
  • pleasant surroundings that are well resourced
  • practices that are fully inclusive

We demonstrate our commitment to working as a learning community by:

  • ensuring that teaching and learning is part of an on-going evaluative process
  • providing an environment that is safe and nurturing for all
  • working as a team respecting each other’s values and beliefs
  • being good role models by the way in which we interact with one another
  • striving for a calm and stress-free environment
  • working collaboratively towards common goals
  • managing through open and effective communication
  • ensuring that we work in ways that are fully inclusive and open
  • striving for continuous improvement in all that we do
  • working in ways that will promote high morale and high self esteem

How the adults in the school teach positive behaviour:

We help children to be happy and have a positive attitude by:

  • giving praise and encouragement where deserved.
  • developing a breadth of experience by offering a regular, personalised or alternative curriculum.
  • encouraging resilience
  • being consistently reliable and fair

We help children to become independent by:

  • encouraging student centred learning
  • encouraging working positively with others
  • encouraging thinking skills
  • encouraging them to solve problems with or without support
  • encouraging self-evaluation and reflection

We help children to learn basic life skills by:

  • offering a broad and balanced curriculum with relevant accreditation opportunities
  • offering a range of experiences relevant to early adulthood and beyond
  • offering the opportunity to acquire a solid foundation in literacy, numeracy and ICT skills
  • offering a comprehensive programme of Personal, Social and Health Education

We help children to become aspirational by:

  • encouraging them to make their own informed choices
  • encouraging their self-belief and a ‘can do’ attitude
  • showing them that it is possible to be what they want to be

We help children to become emotionally intelligent by:

  • modelling positive behaviour
  • reinforcing positive behaviour
  • by encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions
  • developing skills of empathy

Working For Us

If you're searching for your next teaching post and would like a rewarding challenging career opportunity contact us now. You'll be working at a great school and be part of a warm, friendly, solution focused team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers - send us your CV now and say what sort of role you're looking for.