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Oak Hill Academy is a member of the Aspirations Academy Trust. Being part of a wider multi academy trust offers many positive benefits to the children and staff at Oak Hill. The core purpose of all Aspirations Academies is dedicated to equipping young people with the skills, qualities and high-level qualifications that will enable them to be the very best they can be, so that as young adults they will be able to compete on the global stage.

I am very proud of our school, the staff and wonderful children here. We are a strong community and refer to ourselves as the Oak Hill family. Our main focus is to provide a quality education and develop the whole child. We recognise that every child is a unique and individual learner and we cater for every child’s personal and social needs to ensure high academic standards of success are achieved as well as excellent standards of behaviour.   

We always expect children to do their best in their learning and to maintain positive social interactions in the playground and around the school. It is our aim that every single one of our children leaves us with increased confidence, resilience and the skills to tackle the next stage of their education effectively.

Our dedicated staff thoroughly enjoy working with our children each day. We celebrate and embrace our diverse cultural make up and value individuals, taking every opportunity to nurture academic ability and talents to ensure all children reach their full potential in sports, creative, musical or academic aspects of learning. Children flourish and thrive under the caring, supportive and sensitive environment we offer at Oak Hill Academy.

Mrs Rachael Saim  - MA, BEd Hons, NPQH

Oak Hill Academy Principal

Vision Statement

At Oak Hill Academy, we want our children to fulfil their aspirations and achieve their full potential in learning and life skills in order to become responsible and confident members of our society.

All members of our OHA family are valued as individuals and feel a sense of belonging. Our skills and talents are nurtured, developed and celebrated.

All of our staff are heroes for our children and instil a sense of leadership and the ability to make responsible decisions.

At OHA we aim to foster a sense of fun and excitement and curiosity and creativity in all we do. This ensures that all our children have the confidence to set themselves goals and attempt new challenges, therefore feeling a sense of accomplishment when goals are met.

Working for Us

If you're searching for your next teaching post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers - send us your CV now via our School Talent Pool and say what sort of role you're looking for. By joining our School Talent Pool we'll know you're interested in working here when a future vacancy occurs.

Aspirations Academies Trust

Aspirations academies aim to bring the education they deliver in line with the demands of modern, global society. Every young person is now competing for work with people from all corners of the globe. To gain advantage in the job market and to help develop a highly productive economy, young people need to be the best in every respect. Our core purpose is to develop young people with the skills, qualities and high-level qualifications that will enable them to be the very best they can be, enabling them to compete on a global stage.

Aspirations Academies Trust is a charitable organisation operating in association with the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations (QISA) and Aspirations Unlimited International (AUI). QISA is an independent, nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting and putting into practice the conditions that foster student aspirations in schools and learning communities around the world. QISA is the primary education partner of the Aspirations Academies Trust, with support provided by Aspirations Unlimited International. AUI provides dynamic assessment tools designed to achieve the goal of fostering student aspirations in order for students to reach their fullest potential.

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