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Oaklands School was opened as a special school in 1995. Over time, we have become more specialised and are now a school for children of primary age, who have ASD, Communication and Interaction, and other related significant learning difficulties. Currently, the school has places for 101 children, divided into 12 classes on a single storey site with a range of sensory rooms and outdoor learning provision, including adapted Forest School. The school is situated in Evington ward and is well served by buses for those employees who use public transport.

Oaklands School is a very special place; from the majestic oak tree outside the school building to the spinney at the back, it is full of opportunities to learn. Our school building is unusual: built in a square with a garden and playground at the centre. All of our classrooms have outside space and look out onto trees and play areas. This ‘inside-outside’ aspect of the school building perfectly reflects the ‘inside-outside way of living and learning at Oaklands for every member of our community, whether staff, parent or child.

Our Ethos & Values are summed up in the UNIQUE Mnemonic:
U UNDERSTANDING We are an Autism Specialist school and work with every child to develop their full potential and with the community to develop understanding in society about Autism
N NURTURE Every member of Oaklands school (children, staff & families) is nurtured to develop their talents and interests
I INTERACTION & COMMUNICATION We insist on high-quality communication & interaction between children, staff and community in every environment at all times, so that every member of our school can express their character and value
Q QUALITY We strive to excel in every area of school life and in our work with the community.
U US Oaklands is a family and everyone who is involved with school has value and can contribute to our shared learning.
E ENGAGEMENT All learners are engaged and challenged through a curriculum that meets their needs and prepares them for the world.
We welcome visits to the school for interested applicants

About Us

Oaklands’ population reflects the cultural diversity of Leicester itself. Around 75% of our pupils are from an ethnic minority background and they attend from wards across the city, with a few pupils coming from the county. Our staff is equally diverse and we welcome candidates from all backgrounds.

The School is the only Leicester City school to be awarded a NAS (National Autistic Society) accreditation. We also have NAS a Commendation for Good Practice in Promoting Autism Education, Eco-Schools and Food for Life Awards, and we are an Inclusion Quality Mark Centre of Excellence. Our latest Ofsted (January 2018) graded the school as Good and on the path to Outstanding. We consider ourselves an inclusive School and work closely with mainstream colleagues through school-to-school support, advice and training. We are also active members of the City of Leicester Association of Special Schools (CLASS).

We are a friendly, well-resourced school with a highly skilled and valued staff team. We place a great deal of emphasis on continuous professional development for staff and want to recruit creative and ambitious team members to help the school transform our wonderful children’s lives.

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