The whole staff developed the aims of the school. Our aims at Pinner Park Junior are: * To create a happy, secure and attractive learning environment in which children and adults feel welcome and able to make a positive contribution towards the life of the school. * To encourage children to develop caring attitudes and respect towards themselves, other children, adults, their school and surroundings. * To recognise each child's individuality and to strive to provide equitable opportunities for all. * To provide a wide variety of experiences which will foster children's innate curiosity and creativity. * To implement the National Curriculum and Harrow R.E. Guidelines. * To offer a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which will encourage academic, aesthetic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development ensuring that children are given opportunities to acquire the basic skills essential for further learning, and preparing them to play a positive role in our society. * To foster and develop a successful partnership with the family and the community. * To enable staff to realise their full potential through personal and school development and feel that their contribution to the school is valued. * To nurture the continued development of the whole school community, striving to achieve the best for all. We hope you will join us in achieving these aims.


It is important to us that we work in partnership through sharing our understandings, supporting home and school initiatives, having a clear view of the developmental needs of our children and identifying the best way to guide and support their progress. We want to ensure that the time at Pinner Park is a successful and happy period in your child's development and look forward to achieving this through a joint partnership.

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