Porthcawl Comprehensive School
We pride ourselves on being a caring, disciplined and happy school with a tradition of hard work and lots of extra curricular activities. There is something for everyone at Porthcawl Comprehensive School. We aim to ensure that pupils of all abilities and interests achieve their potential in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. We recognise at Porthcawl Comprehensive School how vitally important your child’s education is to succeed in an ever changing and challenging world. You can be confident that your son/daughter will settle in this school very quickly, be well supported and cared for, and receive one of the best educational experiences in the whole of the country. Your child’s education at the school will be truly comprehensive in the best sense of the word with something for everyone at the school no matter their ability, interest and aspirations. Our school is pleasantly located some fifty metres from the sea. The campus is large, pleasant and attractive with outstanding facilities for study, sport, theatre arts, recreation and a host of extra – curricular activities. In the last Estyn Inspection the working relationships between our teachers and pupils was judged to be "exceptional and this contributes very well to the positive learning environment of the school". The school is a co-educational school with over 1400 boys and girls aged 11 to 18. In excess of 160 staff are employed at the school. In particular our Sixth Form provision is second to none in terms of choice, quality of learning and pastoral support. Year on year our students’ results at every level have continued to exceed new heights. A happy child is a successful child and happy schooldays depend on the very important partnership between pupils, staff and parents. A good relationship between home and school is vital to ensure a child’s success and happiness at school. The home-school agreement, features in the pupil’s planner for parents completion and information, underlines the important partnership between all the partners.

About Us

School Aims
Below are the aims we have set out to achieve at Porthcawl Comprehensive School.
Provide a healthy, safe and secure environment that will secure the wellbeing of all, enabling all to engage fully in the school and its community. Ensure that every pupil is encouraged through a variety of learning opportunities to confidently achieve and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in adult life. Ensure that all are happy, healthy and free from bullying, abuse or exploitation in order to achieve their absolute best. Provide opportunities for young people to take part in, develop and enjoy a wide variety of learning, sporting and cultural activities. Provide an inclusive education that develops all pupils’ personalities, abilities and moral values, encouraging them to respect other people, cultures and the environment whilst celebrating their own cultural identity. Ensure that all pupils, regardless of their backgrounds and individual differences, will be valued, and will receive an equality of opportunity. Encourage all pupils to participate in decision making, where their opinions will be valued, considered and responded to.

Working for Us

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