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Welcome to Radlett Lodge School


Radlett Lodge looks beyond autism to the individual needs of every pupil, and puts their needs first.

About Us

Radlett Lodge School offers specialist provision for children and young people with autism and other associated needs. We work with children across the 4 to 19 age range, providing day placements for 43 and residential accommodation for 12. We also offer flexi-boarding to pupils attending the school. To learn more about our school, understand our referrals process or simply ask a few questions please get in touch.

Our aim, values and purpose

The purpose of our school is to help prepare young people to make a successful transition into adulthood with the confidence and the necessary skills to live as independently as possible and participate in their local community.


Our Aim

Is to provide a holistic, bespoke curriculum with rich learning opportunities that enable pupils to develop their functional life skills in order to experience a high ‘Quality of Life.'

Our Values

  • Be safe, happy and healthy.
  • Be confident.
  • Embrace challenge.
  • Develop resilience.

Our Purpose

To inspire, intrigue and motivate pupils to engage with the bespoke curriculum and their immediate environment. To identify, highlight and strive towards achieving each pupil’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) outcomes.

Working For Us

See our vacancies and apply for a job at our school. We offer full training and continuous personal development to all our staff and are an equal opportunities employer.