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Rosemary Works School is an independent co-educational primary school, with a pre-school nursery class, taking children from the age of 3 to 11 years old. Open from 8am to 6pm 49 weeks per year, our term-time education is supplemented with excellent Out of School clubs and a holiday playscheme. We are a private, fee-paying school – sometimes referred to as a preparatory, or prep school.

We are non-selective at entry yet our children achieve the highest level of academic attainment at all years up to 11+. We have an excellent track record in helping our pupils achieve success in their applications for selective secondary schools.


Aims of the School

  • To ensure that every child maximises their opportunities to achieve their full potential, both academically and socially
  • To ensure that we safeguard the children in our care and carry out our duties to protect them from harm/abuse
  • To ensure that every child is fully aware of their impact on others and develops empathy and kindness towards those around them
  • To provide a learning environment which is caring and nurturing, in which children feel secure and where it is safe to make mistakes as part of the learning process
  • To ensure that the educational environment is enjoyable, as well as stimulating, and that our children want to come to school
  • To offer a curriculum that is creative and exciting, incorporating such innovative features as Enrichment Time
  • To use the opportunities provided by modern technology to communicate with our parents and pupils, and the outside world, in a dynamic and accessible fashion, fit for the modern age
  • To engage constructively and openly with our parents and to help them feel fully involved in the community of the school
  • To provide our children with a stimulating external environment with rich opportunities for learning and play

About Us

Love and Happiness
We strongly believe that children learn best in a secure and loving environment, where they feel part of a community, and know everyone around them. A warm, caring and affectionate approach informs every child’s education with us. We do not believe that this nurturing climate should be confined to nursery and infant school.

We want the children to be inspired by their teachers, and we believe that this comes about when teachers are happy in their roles and where they feel that they can explore their own interests with the children. So our teachers are free to plan the children’s learning with maximum flexibility, inventiveness and spontaneity. They collaborate with the Head Teacher, and with each other, to deliver a rich and stimulating curriculum.


Healthy Children
We want the children to be healthy. Each week the children have swimming lessons, plus two PE lessons, in addition to the many opportunities for physical workouts at playtime. Our vegetarian/fish menu is nutritious and tasty. We adhere to healthy eating guidance, and we make it all from scratch in our own kitchen, so there no hidden ‘nasties’ – our food is additive free.


Making A Difference
We believe that the children should learn that they can make a difference to their environment and to their community. Our children learn about environmental issues, and they help put ideas into practice: helping with recycling and gardening, and campaigning for improvements in the local area. We are proud of the contribution that the children make to charity, and we involve them in choosing which charities to support. The children raise money in many ways – even by making and selling their own art work at Spitalfields market!