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Stoneferry Primary School, built in the early 1980s, is a relatively modern school, situated only a few miles from the centre of Hull. There are currently around 210 pupils in attendance at the school, including a very well established Foundation Stage which has excellent provision for children aged 3 and 4 years old. Stoneferry Primary School successfully provides a warm and friendly learning environment in which children are encouraged to reach their own full potential. It was described by Ofsted, 2015, as a good school. The school fosters high expectations and children behave well at the school. With its enthusiastic and highly motivated staff, Stoneferry Primary School provides a well balanced, and sound educational foundation for all children. At Stoneferry we operate an open door policy and parents are welcome at any time. We actively encourage parental engagement and we like to have parents in school so that they may come and see for themselves what Stoneferry has to offer. We run regular events in school and adult education courses for parents are run on a regular basis.

About Us

Our aim at Stoneferry is to create a safe and happy environment for our children to learn. We operate an inclusive school where every child is valued and we work hard to help our children develop their skills, knowledge and positive attitudes in order to help them to become responsible, respectful and tolerant citizens of the future At Stoneferry Primary we have a strong team of dedicated and supportive staff who work very hard to provide the best opportunities for all our pupils. We value and appreciate the positive support of our parents and of the wider community and strive for an open and welcoming environment where we can work in partnership for the benefit of our pupils. Stoneferry Primary School is a dynamic, positive environment, where pupils are challenged to learn something new every day. Children at Stoneferry Primary School, quickly make friends and are supported by caring staff who treat them with patience and respect; ensuring our children are "can do" children who will become proactive citizens in the future. Our school offers a range of opportunities both in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities, providing a welcoming atmosphere for the community which we belong. We are a forward thinking, inclusive school, which the children, parents and staff take great pride in. Put simply by the children, this is a fun, awesome, amazing school.

The Constellation Trust


Our Trust includes primary, secondary and an alternative provision school working together to provide the best learning opportunities for the pupils within our network of schools.

Each school serves its own community and has its own unique identity. Together we benefit from working in partnership, share good practice and have a joint central service support team.