We are an Ofsted GOOD school with a very bright future. Our improvement plans are ambitious, seeking to achieve state of the art learning spaces, a bespoke curriculum, exceptional quality teaching, high standards of achievement and unequivocal support for our families. We enjoyed a very positive Ofsted visit in January 2015 and were delighted to secure a GOOD outcome, borne out of the Ofsted teams recognition of the rapid improvements evident at The Forest Academy. The team were very complimentary of the work underway at Forest, noting: Outstanding leadership, bringing a drive for improvement at all levels. Significant improvement in the quality of teaching and learning leading to significant rise in pupils achievements and pupils making better than expected progress. Pupils good behaviour around school and in lessons Planning for future improvement is accurate and contains the right priorities. Adults model respectful attitudes and the importance of working together, listening and communicating effectively with one another. Pupils are polite, well-mannered and show respect towards each other and for adults, welcoming to visitors and keen to share their interests and explain their work.

The outstanding early morning breakfast club is very well attended with 140 pupils attending regularly. It is enthusiastically and efficiently run by staff and parents. Teachers have high expectations of pupils behaviour and their work. Pupils needing additional help are given well-targeted support by teaching assistants or other adults so that all can learn well and make good progress. Teaching is invariably an enjoyable experience for pupils. Teachers demonstrate considerable skill in teaching reading, writing and mathematics. Pupils achievement has risen significantly since the school converted to academy status and there has been a distinct and rapid increase in the rate of pupils; progress. The rapidly improving achievement of all groups of pupils demonstrates the success of leaders, teachers and support staff in ensuring that all pupils have equal opportunities to make good progress.


At Forest, we believe that all children thrive in an environment in which they are happy, challenged and secure. Secure in the knowledge they are safe and cared for, challenged to achieve their best and happy in the knowledge that they are amongst friends, each appreciated for their individuality. We consider it an absolute privilege to be important figures in our pupils’ young lives and are committed to ensuring their primary school days are full of fun, adventure and experiences which create lifelong passions and interests.

We have high expectations of ourselves and our children, and strive to ensure they each achieve their potential. We have developed real expertise in helping each and every one of our little learners to acquire the core skills they need to succeed as adults. Adults who are literate, numerate, confident, self-assured, ambitious, thoughtful, questioning, compassionate, independent and collaborative. Our capacity to influence who our young people become is a gift that we accept with great delight and due diligence. We believe that children learn best when they enjoy school and enjoy success in many areas of school life. We have developed an innovative curriculum model and proudly offer rich opportunities. Our children are bright, enthusiastic and committed learners who have a clear understanding of themselves, their families, their community and the wider world and a respect for the beliefs, characters and talents of others.

Thank you for inquiring to work with Wellspring Academy Trust. However big or small the role may be, we value your contribution and very much look forward to meeting you.

Working for Us

The Forest Academy operates in partnership with Wellspring Academy Trust, a multi-academy trust who firmly believe that access to the best education is a right for all young people. Working in collaboration with partner primary, special and PRU provision in Barnsley, Leeds and Grimsby, we work together to provide an excellent education for the children, families and communities that we serve. We concentrate on providing the very best teaching, learning, support and development that every child deserves. Our schools share a climate of high expectation and high aspiration for each pupil. Our pupils are confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful learners. Together, we achieve more... Working with Wellspring Academy Trust gives access to widened training and development opportunities for all staff at all levels, enabling you to: Deepen your pool of talent Continuously build capacity Secure a sustainable long term future for your school We believe in investing in human capital. We believe in investing in the intellectual capital of our staff. We believe that accessing the best training, the best coaching, the latest research, the best practice… locally, nationally and internationally… gives us the best opportunity to succeed into the long term.

Wellspring Academy Trust

The Forest Academy is part of Wellspring Academy Trust.

At Wellspring Academy Trust we believe that access to the best education is a right for all our young people. Our aim is to support schools through collaboration. We will ensure that our members are able to provide an excellent education for the children, families and communities that they serve. We believe in freeing teachers and leaders from bureaucracy to concentrate on providing the very best teaching, learning, support and development that every child deserves.

About Wellspring Academy Trust

Wellspring Academy Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust, based in Barnsley.

We are a Trust at the cutting edge of educational innovation.

We have:
• Outstanding aspiration.
• A vision to provide children and families with exceptional educational  opportunities.

Our Core Principles are:
• Excellence in teaching and learning
• Knowledge and skills growth that is celebrated by the community
• Collaboration with all partners in education and the community
• Succession planning within the institution and beyond
• Providing an exceptional school experience for our children

As a member of Wellspring, you enjoy excellent CPD and have excellent career opportunities ahead of you.

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