The John Frost School is an 11- 18 mixed comprehensive school serving the centre and west of Newport and maintained by the city and county of Newport Local Education Authority. We are a very successful school demonstrating high standards of academic achievement and excellence in the arts and sporting arenas. Our school serves a range of students from a wide range of abilities. There are 1081 students on roll with, on average, 180 in the sixth form. Around 200 students choose to come to our school every year in Year 7 and the vast majority continue their education post 16 which gives us a thriving and successful sixth-form. For GCSE and vocational examinations The John Frost School has shown dramatic improvement over the last five years, and this year achieved record examination results with over 77% of students achieving at least 5 GCSEs at A* – C. The schools improvement in all key performance indicators have improved year on year, demonstrating a clear upward trend and the level of attainment of all our students. The John Frost School benefits from a hard-working, enthusiastic and dedicated team of teachers and support staff. We are proud to be a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural school and we are fortunate to have students that are proud to be part of our success. Our ethos and commitment to succeed is supported by our community and by parents alike. As a school we aspire to high standards of learning and respect from our students in all that they do. We aim to ensure that students feel happy and safe at school as they work towards their future academic and personal success.

About Us

Developing High Standards of Learning and Respect within a physically and emotionally safe environment, The John Frost School aims to ensure that our values are shared, students respect others sense of our aim; developing high standards of learning and respect exist. We strive to provide the highest quality teaching and learning experiences for our students with a relentless focus on achievement, ensuring that students fulfil their potential. The John Frost School is a community school and we work closely with our local communities to support our students. Our students engage in a wide range of activities including environmental projects, ECO projects, care in the community and fund raising. We have enjoyed a close relationship with Macmillan Cancer Care, with students raising thousands of pounds in support of this cause. An Outstanding Curriculum We offer a broad and balanced personalised curriculum. Our focus is to ensure that all students acquire the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT, as well as the equally important key, social and interpersonal skills. We aim to develop each student`s social skills such as co solving and thinking. At The John Frost School, we challenge and motivate all students and place great emphasis on supporting each individual, both personally and academically, as they progress throughout their school life.