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The Spinney is a happy, creative, welcoming and OfSTED "outstanding" primary school set in Cherry Hinton, one of the villages to the south of the City of Cambridge. The Spinney serves children and families from within the school's catchment area and beyond. We are very proud of the linguistic, social, ethnic and cultural diversity of the families that we serve and we take an active role in our community.

There is a strong community feel to the Spinney with thoughtful and supportive parents and carers, a wonderful Friends association, a dedicated and talented collegiate faculty of educators, an effective and skilled governing body and delightful, enthusiastic, confident, thoughtful and articulate children.

The school's mission statement is "Teaching and Learning Together" and this is central to our ethos. The Spinney's on-going success is a team effort and we all work hard to ensure that the children have a positive learning experience every day.

The Spinney offers a local/global creative and connected curriculum designed to educate the whole child. Arts, creativity, culture, innovation and imagination are valued and taught alongside academic, intellectual and STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) subjects.

At The Spinney we value the uniqueness of every child. We personalise our approach and provide rich learning opportunities designed to promote pro-social and sustainable "future-proof" skills including communication, cooperation, collaboration, compassion and critical and creative thought. We encourage our children to be self-motivated and active learners and they are invited to work with family members on projects at home, that allow them to explore, make, bake, design, write, investigate or create as part of personalised blended learning.

We encourage our pupils to be confident and articulate communicators, to think of themselves as global citizens with a developing awareness of broad social and ecological issues and to understand that they can be changemakers with the power to make a positive difference in their school, community and world. Where appropriate our curriculum links to the United Nations' Sustainable goals including Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship.

The Spinney is a forward thinking and outward reaching learning community, working with parents, volunteers and a wide range of educational and other partners to ensure that we offer an excellent and enjoyable curriculum and an effective, relevant and researched-based pedagogy.

The Spinney has a lot to offer our children and we always keep them at the heart of everything we do.

Thank you for visiting our carer page and website. We hope that it has provided a rich picture of the school. Please feel free to contact the school via email or phone if you have any questions.

Helen Wilman

Head teacher 

School Values

ur values are important to us at The Spinney as they inform the quotidian (the day-to-day) and the strategic work and vision of our school. Thus values can be understood as a noun and as a verb! There are seven values in the school as many as the colours of the rainbow. These are displayed on the school website and in the school.

Our seven school values are:

  • Child-centredness - a belief in the paramouncy of the safety and well-being of the child. The school and its resources are oriented towards securing the optimal outcomes and opportunity for the child and we keep the child at the heart of everything that we do.
  • Team work and Community - "if we want to go fast we travel alone, if we want to go far we travel together!" This values reflects our belief in our school as a community working with families and parents as partners in learning as well as with the whole wider school community.
  • Excellence - This value directs us towards securing effective and efficient systems as well as expecting the very best from ourselves and each other in terms of academic, social and behavioural outcomes.
  • Learning - Our school mission statement is "Teaching and Learning Together" and speaks to the pedagogic theories of Paolo Freire and dialogic egalitarian practice. This value reminds us that we are all learners, and that our school curriculum is a co-constructed and shared social experience.
  • Improvement - Learning and Improvement go hand in hand as we aim to improve and achieve our full potential. We are therefore open to suggestions, ways forward and constructive feedback. In the school we also talk about the word Kaizen - Good and continuous improvement.
  • Responsibility - This is our sixth value and links to our Spinney Sustainable Take Care Agreements which are for our whole community. "Take care of ourselves, Take care of each other, Take care of our learning, Take care of our school, community and world, Take care for the future."
  • Optimism - Our final value is about joy, happiness, kindness and positivity, and our belief in each other. We know that we all have the ability to achieve our goals given the right opportunities and the removal of barriers.

Working at The Spinney

"I am always happy to work at The Spinney - the children are enthusiastic, hardworking and well mannered. The school is warm and welcoming with lovely children and supportive staff. From my very first visit I was made to feel included and welcomed by everyone." - Supply teacher

The Spinney is a happy and welcoming Group 2 village school on the South East outskirts of Cambridge, age range 4-11, described in its last Ofsted report as 'an outstanding school where pupils thrive in both their academic and personal development' where 'the children's positive behaviour is exceptional' (OFSTED 2008/9).

The Spinney is an Ashoka Changemaker School, one of just 15 in the United Kingdom, we are a Whole Education Partner School and we achieved the Arts Council England's Arts Mark Platinum Award in 2018. We are committed to ensuring a full and supportive induction.

The Spinney is committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all its pupils and expects all staff, parents and volunteers to share in this commitment.

Values and Ethos

"It's lovely to work here!"

The Spinney is a warm, happy and successful school committed to excellence in everything we do.

Teamwork and Community is the second of our seven values and we recognise that our colleagues are one of the most important elements in our organisation which help us to secure success. In recruiting new colleagues to join our team we are looking for people who share in and will contribute to our values.

Ours school mission statement is Teaching and Learning Together.

To ensure the optimal opportunities and outcomes for our children, we look to appoint people who see themselves as learners too, they are likely to be well-motivated, innovative, creative, open, flexible, kind, warm-hearted and determined to make a positive difference within our community.

"There's a great balance at the Spinney, very professional standards and high expectations, balanced with a warm, friendly supportive

and collegiate atmosphere"

We want the Spinney to be a great place to work and to learn together. We recognise that supportive trusting relationships are key; we embrace innovation and we respect and value each other.

At The Spinney we believe it is important that we all manage a good work-life/home-life balance and we have introduced a number of practices to minimise unnecessary bureaucracy.

For many years we’ve been committed to offering and supporting flexible working practices where they can be reasonably accommodated in the organisation and dependent on the role.

Any requests for flexible working are balanced with the needs of the organisation, however we are committed to the principle of flexible working where it will mutually benefit the employee and the school. Please mention your preferences in your application and these will be considered.

If you are thinking of applying for a job in our school – please come and meet us!