a. Within our Trust, every young person will achieve their full potential becoming the best person they can be.
b. We will be respected and recognised for our student outcomes and for the positive impact we have on the life chances of young people.

Purpose (How we create value)

a. To promote and facilitate a broad and balanced educational experience of exceptional quality for all young people.
b. To build the character of our young people by providing a secure, inclusive and inspiring environment that fosters self-belief, builds resilience, and promotes a positive attitude to work and life-long learning.
c. To cherish the community that we serve and champion Christian values.


In all aspects of the life of the Trust, we aim to put into practice our values of Creativity, Responsibility and Wisdom, which are based on Biblical principles.

Creativity is fundamental – ‘God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.’ (Genesis, Chapter 1, verse 31) 

Responsibility is at the root of the Christian concept of loving service – ‘You were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love’. The entire law is summed up in a single command, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ (Galatians, Chapter 5, verse 13)

Wisdom is that to which we aspire throughout our learning and living – ‘Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.’ (Proverbs, Chapter 3, verse 13)



St John’s is a welcoming church school community, where there is a strong emphasis on caring for, supporting and listening to pupils.

Our pupils at St John’s approach their work in a happy and enthusiastic manner. The principle aim of the academy is to enable all children to learn and to reach their full potential throughout their time with us. We believe in fostering the holistic development of the child and we are committed to helping pupils to become lifetime learners. In order to achieve this the academy sets clear expectations in terms of behaviour and work ethic. All of our staff are committed in helping the pupils achieve and flourish in aspects of school life.

We provide an interesting, stimulating curriculum that responds to the needs of different learning styles and learners’ different needs. We promote perseverance and independence in all lessons. We continually celebrate and share our pupils’ successes. You can find out more about the curriculum by clicking on our year group pages. We also endeavour to equip pupils with the skills to become valuable members of the local community and to have aspirations for their futures.

We believe that parental partnership is vital to ensuring the well-being and academic success of pupils. Parents and carers are an essential component of our school community. Parents can help support their children in their learning to re-enforce the work done at school.

Working for us

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Visions and Values

The West Grantham Academies Trust believes that the academies should be at the heart of their communities; that education goes beyond the classroom and the school day, and that everyone person’s role within the Trust is to deliver outstanding provision in whatever sphere, so that maximum progress by the pupils can be made
Whilst not every academy within the Trust is associated to the Church, the Trust upholds Christian values and believes itself to be fair minded, forward looking, innovative and inclusive.

The Trust holds the view that the task for educators has to be to plan and prepare pupils for a world we cannot envisage, but which we know will require skills such as the ability to empathise, collaborate, communicate, and to be independent, skills which can only be developed through the richest experiences possible both inside and outside the classroom.

The Trust understands that supportive parents and a skilled, well led workforce are essential for this vision to become reality. It, therefore, has community support and staff development as cornerstones of the provision.


The West Grantham Academy St John's is part of The West Grantham Academies Trust serving the community around it.

The West Grantham Academies Trust espouses the universal values of fairness, dignity, spirituality, inclusion and equality.

We support the aspiration of all individuals to grow, develop and experience success.

We believe that there is an imperative within education to address the key global concepts of:

  • Interdependence
  • Human rights
  • Sustainable development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Social justice
  • Values and perceptions
  • Global citizenship
  • Diversity

Within a supportive environment where everyone is respected and values as individuals, we have adopted a curriculum model which gives priority to these elements in the context of a rigorous and unbending expectation that barriers to achievement will be removed wherever possible.


The West Grantham Academies Trust has worked tirelessly since 2005 to develop the facilities available to pupils to ensure that they meet our expressed intention of providing education for 21st Century.

So, in addition to a full range of comprehensively equipped classrooms, able to meet the demands of the modern curriculum on every site, we have the following additional provision.

The West Grantham Academy St John's Upper Site

  • A Forest School where outdoor learning is key
  • A kitchen garden allotment with poly tunnel and small animal area
  • A ‘trim trail’ for use at playtime
  • A range of subject specific classrooms set up for Art and Science
  • A separate dining room
  • An outdoor courtyard teaching area


The West Grantham Academy St Hugh’s

  • Bespoke English classrooms, each configured to meet the needs of different types of lesson
  • I-learning centre with study areas
  • I-studio with facilities for film and multi-media work
  • Element Centre – housing student support, new dance studio, music room, hairdressing salon
  • Outdoor gym
  • Large sports hall (leased from The Meres Sports Centre)
  • A mountain bike trail to support the cycle programme


The West Grantham Academy St John's Lower Site

  •  A joint atrium with Surestart and the academy office
  • A wildlife area with a pond
  • A multi-use activity games area
  • Custom designed nursery and reception outdoor spaces
  • Undercover learning space attached to all KS1 Classrooms
  • A ‘Trim Trail’ for use at playtime
  • Modern well equipped teaching spaces


The Vicarage

  • A quiet garden for use by staff and for their own reflection or with groups to enjoy activities in a fragrant setting
  • Two minibuses with team of drivers to enable staff to easily take groups of pupils to local places of educational importance and support the enrichment programme including residential visits

All the above is accessible by all academies within the Trust.

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