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We respect each other and our wish to feel safe, secure and breathe easy. We need to teach, work and learn in peace.


Everyone here is celebrated for who they are, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality or disability. We have empathy for those facing mental health challenges and will support all members of our community in finding direction and peace of mind.


Making everyone feel included, every day, is important to us. Whether learning or playing, we work together as a team. We know where to go to talk to someone when we need support. We listen when somebody needs to talk.


Mavericks are welcome here. We respect our right to be different and embrace our responsibility to each other. We are determined to attend school and lessons on time and pledge to contribute to every social and academic opportunity. We will work to the best of our abilities, learn from our mistakes and move forward. We know every one of us faces challenges and recognise every one of us has a gift to bring to our community.


Speaking calmly and using appropriate language shows we respect each other. When stressed, we undertake to take a deep breath and count to ten. We know that each dawn represents a fresh start at Wemms. Our past cannot be changed but our futures are ours to design and furnish.

Where we are


Wemms is excited to be moving to a new 9-acre site in September 2022 at Woodstock House, Woodstock Lane North, Long Ditton, Surrey, KT6 5HN.

This new home will enable us to greatly expand the range of education and support services we can offer in a spacious and relaxing environment, both indoor and outside.

Facilities include 55,000 square foot of buildings and extensive recreational facilities, including a hydro-pool, allotments and formal and informal outdoor space.

We believe this will be the leading facility offering education to high potential SEND students in Surrey, SW London and the surrounding areas and are very excited about the new facilities and opportunities.

The benefits of working for Wemms Education Centre

We welcome everyone as part of our inclusive family

    • Pleasant working conditions and hours in a beautiful environment on 9 acres of grounds
    • Work with outstanding teachers gaining excellent results for students taking GCSE and A’ Levels
    • Excellent work/life balance
    • Small classes sizes and/or 1-1 tuition
    • On-site parking
    • No homework policy for KS2 and KS3 (work is set and marked in lessons)
    • Use of on-site facilities after school hours including hydro-pool and gym
    • Potential for holiday work
    • Studio accommodation on-site for qualifying single staff
    • Full CPD program for all staff
    • Regular school celebrations
    • Overseas trips available (most recent school trips have visited France, Germany, Spain and Jersey)
    • Staff parties at Christmas, Easter and the end of the academic year
    • Staff wellbeing and benefits promoted in school including weekly yoga, French and writing for wellbeing groups
    • Free tea/coffee and refreshments