Willowdown Primary Academy opened at the beginning of September 2014 in a stunning new, purpose built building on the Kings Down development. We have now reached the stage in our expansion where we now have reception right up to year 6. Our Academy plays an active role in the Bridgwater community, by supporting families and working with other local organisations to provide a truly outstanding learning experience. The Academy's aim is to develop resilient children and successful learners so that they can move along their learning pathway as happy and confident individuals.

We have a fantastic leadership team and teaching staff that are working together to ensure that pupils are equipped for their future outside of Willowdown Primary Academy. Our pupils will gain competence in basic skills, understand the wider world and they will be helped to develop their own set of personal skills. 

They are supported to develop interests, knowledge and understanding across all curriculum subjects. We will put a great emphasis on English, Mathematics and ICT.

Willowdown Primary Academy is working in partnership with parents and carers to provide the best education for our pupils. Each family is provided with a named member of staff as their Pupil and Family Liaison. When there is a demand, we will offer adult learning sessions, for example in ICT, parenting and exercise classes.

Visions and Values

At Willowdown Primary Academy we live and work together as a community to create Happy Children, Successful Learners and Confident Individuals. All members of the Academy community are valued as individuals, supported and challenged to perform as well as the possibly can in all areas.

Our values are important to us and guide the decisions Academy leaders make to drive standards at Willowdown further:

Love, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Respect and Nurture (LEARN):

Love: We will learn to love learning, ourselves and each other

Enthusiasm: We will learn to show enthusiasm for learning: we will work and play hard, fair and safe

Achievement: We will learn to celebrate our academic and personal achievements, and those of our friends

Respect: We will learn to respect ourselves, our Academy, friends, families and communities

Nurture: We will learn that our Academy and families are working to nurture us to enable us to be accepted and valuable members of our communities.

Our visions and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

The Collaborative Academies Trust

The Collaborative Academies Trust (CAT) is a growing multi-academy trust for primary, secondary and special schools. The trust itself is sponsored by EdisonLearning. Schools joining the trust connect to a wide family of other schools and partners from the UK and USA, sharing similar core values and a collaborative approach to learning.

CAT provides complete access to EdisonLearning’s unique and innovative resources, approaches, professionals and services. These range from leadership, teaching for learning and curriculum expertise through to full finance, HR and technology support through CAT or a range of partners working with us.

At the heart of CAT are its trustees, who are carefully selected from the member schools, national and local leaders of education and the wider education and business sector. They are the custodians of the vision that CAT shares with its family of schools.