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Woodfield Academy is a middle school catering for pupils between the ages of 9-13. We pride ourselves on 'Helping Everyone Reach Their Potential' and for our caring and nurturing environment. Our pupils, as stated by Ofsted in June 2013 "Are well behaved and feel very safe". They also make good and outstanding progress from entry (year 5) to exit (year 8). You will see from our new prospectus that this is a very successful school and we are very proud of the achievements of our pupils and our staff. Visitors compliment us on the productive and welcoming atmosphere, the excellent relationships and the commitment to high standards. Woodfield enjoys some fantastic facilities and a bright, well-maintained campus, but people and ethos make a school, not buildings. Ours is a safe, happy inclusive school with key values of respect, tolerance and personal development. We see what we do as preparation for future life, adulthood and the world of work.


In a rapidly-changing world, Woodfield stands for something, and we believe that all parents should know our expectations: We respect every individual We support every individual There are “no excuses” for poor behaviour or attitude Every child has the right to learn Every child is expected to aim high and give of his or her best A major part of your childs success relies on our partnership with you, so we actually encourage parents to contact us with any questions or concerns.   Woodfield Core Values: Courtesy & Tolerance   Enjoyment & Participation   Teamwork & Friendship   Challenge & Achievement   Ambition & High Standards   Courage & Independence   Respect & Responsibility   Success & Determination   Adaptability & Creativity

Working for Us

If you are searching for your next teaching post and are keen to be part of Woodfield Academy, why not contact us now? This is a fantastic academy to work in and you could potentially become part of a friendly, helpful team. Job vacancies can appear at any time, as members of the team develop and move on, or personal circumstances change; we are always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers. If you think that this is the academy for you, please send us your CV now via our School Talent Pool and state what sort of role you are looking for. By joining our School Talent Pool you will alert us to your interest in working here and we can pass on details directly when a future vacancy appears.Join our School Talent Pool now!For more information about School Talent Pools visit www.eteach.com

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