Ysgol Maes y Gwendraeth was established in 2013 and the school is a Welsh community whose core values are based on mutual respect, honesty and concern for others.  The focus is on achieving each pupil’s potential and every effort is made to attain the highest standards of academic achievement for each individual.  These firm foundations enable the pupils to widen their horizons so that each one can become a responsible and active citizen. Welsh is the language used in the daily life of the school and in the majority of lessons.  Sustaining a Welsh ethos within the school, the local community and beyond is a central part of the school’s work. Another cornerstone of the school’s work and mission is the pupils’ moral, spiritual and physical development.  The school upholds the highest standards of behaviour and this is reflected in the pupils’ good behaviour over the years.  The school has clear and high expectations and this is supported by pupils and their families.  Supporting the work of charitable and humanitarian causes is a prominent part of the work and tradition of Maes y Gwendraeth.  On these solid foundations, the school prepares its young people to take their place in their communities, whether here in Carmarthenshire or in the wider world. Each individual is important in Maes y Gwendraeth.  Each pupil’s development as a rounded individual is the focus of the school’s work.


Vision Statement Our vision is to open doors to the future by providing a happy, caring community where all have equal worth and are inspired to achieve the best for themselves and others. Aims of Ysgol Maes Y Gwendraeth • Communicate through the medium of Welsh • Educate and challenge each child to the best of his ability/her ability • Develop skills and knowledge • Respect values • Develop responsibilities • Create a happy atmosphere • Become citizens of the wider world  

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