Alexandra Primary School opened as a newly amalgamated school in September 2014. All staff and governors come together annually to discuss our ethos, our values, our vision and our moral purpose for the school. We work together, guided by our School Development Plan, to make our philosophy into a reality that changes and shapes young people’s minds and lives to enable them to achieve their full potential in life as well as being a good citizen who will make a positive difference and contribution to their family and society.


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Our Ethos, Values, Vision and Moral Purpose

Our Ethos

We aim for the school to be a happy, exciting and nurturing place to learn where children and adults feel safe and valued by all. All individuals should be respectful and supportive towards others within a fair and consistent environment that is welcoming and friendly. We aim for the school to be unified by its inclusive and positive approach. We promote confidence via a child centred approach to lifelong learning and aim for every child to achieve their best and to always aim high.

Our Values

Our values are embedded in being inclusive, celebrating everyone’s successes, respecting others and treating others as we would wish to be treated. We embrace teamwork and understand that we will be stronger if we work together with a common set of aims and values. We value honesty, trust, flexibility, consistency and good manners. Adults will support each other alongside the children and aim to communicate well and with integrity.

Our Vision

Our vision for the school is for it to be friendly, safe, positive and nurturing for all. We wish the school to be well organised, successful, supportive and consistent, as well as welcoming and professional. We aim, for it to be a place where both children and adults thrive, perform well and feel challenged to achieve their highest goals.

Our Moral Purpose

We have an important role to fulfil and see it as a privilege to work with young people and help shape their futures. We will aim high in everything that we do. Our purpose is to educate the whole child within a purposeful, happy and stimulating environment that feels safe and where risks may be taken to stretch capability in all areas of a child’s development. We embrace diversity and respect differences, seeing them as a positive element of our community. We will aim to develop skills in our young learners that they can take forward in life to enhance the way they live and function within society. We will lead by example and understand that we are significant adults, carers and role models for our learners. We will build positive and meaningful relationships across our school community as we prepare our learners for the World they live in and the future that lies ahead of them. We view all children as individuals, acknowledging their life experiences, family culture, physical ability, gender, race, religion, interests and abilities. We help them to achieve their very best academically and support them in their development of social skills. We encourage the children to become independent learners for whom education is a positive experience that remains with them for life.

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If you're searching for your next teaching post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers - send us your CV now via our School Talent Pool and say what sort of role you're looking for.

Staff Profile - Emma


Alexandra is a happy, exciting and nurturing school with vibrant, hardworking and fun loving children. On a day-to-day basis the atmosphere is calm, allowing the students to work well and achieve the high standards that we set for them.

I took up my first teaching position at Alexandra in 2012. A lot has changed since then, with the teaching team growing in strength rapidly over the past two and a half years after amalgamation. The school currently has a good reputation and an on-going commitment to providing personalised professional development opportunities; something I value highly as an ambitious and hard-working teacher. As the years have gone by, I have undertaken numerous CPD training opportunities and am now team leader of Year 3. I am working as the Marking and Assessment co-ordinator across the school, after successfully completing a highly regarded Middle Leadership Course, where I worked on a whole school development project with senior colleagues.

What I enjoy most about working at Alexandra is the strong commitment from all staff for the school to be excellent. Working at Alexandra is positive, productive and creative and I am currently enjoying my own development as a teaching professional, as well as being involved in the development of the whole school. Both in the classroom and with the new curriculum, it is wonderful to be given freedom, encouragement and acknowledgement in creating vibrant and valuable lessons that are fun for both pupils and teachers. As a team of staff, we collaborate in sharing ideas; it has been refreshing to see different ways of working, the introduction of different resources and seeing different approaches to both teaching and learning. In general, staff and students are highly motivated to ensure Alexandra is a highly successful school that works in partnership with all stakeholders, in a unified community which always fulfils our main purpose of educating every child to reach their full potential, within a purposeful, happy and stimulating environment.


Staff Profile - Sharan


I am proud to say that I was a pupil at Alexandra School who thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a multicultural and friendly environment, I initially came to Alexandra School to volunteer and explore whether teaching was a career I wanted to follow in the future. My positive experiences at the school as a volunteer, led me to successfully apply for the post of teaching assistant.

In the year I spent as a TA in school I observed and shadowed teachers who taught fun and engaging lessons and realised that this was what I wanted to do. I then spent a year studying for a primary PGCE and chose to return to Alexandra as an NQT in September2014.

Since being an NQT, the professional development opportunities I have had have been vast and I feel I have been highly valued as an employee. Despite only being in my third year of teaching, I have had ample support to develop in my career. Some examples to highlight this are:  I have taught in two different year groups, planned some whole school events, attended a variety of external CPD courses and I have also now become a Geography leader in the school. Colleagues have been encouraging and supportive in helping me transition into my new role which has been enhanced by our working culture in school in which everyone is always ready to share, adapt to and welcome new ideas. I would recommend Alexandra Primary to any prospective candidates looking for a new position in a forward thinking school.






CPD is at the forefront of all that we do within school. All staff are considered to be on their own learning journey and are encouraged and expected to challenge themselves each year and add to their professional portfolio.

Twilight inset sessions run each week throughout the year. In addition, inset days are planned and may be differentiated to meet the needs of all staff members. Middle leader and middle leader plus training is run each year. We join with the other schools in C8 to work across schools, learn from each other, visit good practice in other settings. Members of staff take on the roles of mentor and coach to colleagues and a supportive performance management system is in place to ensure staff are challenged and supported. The school works hard to develop successful practitioners and create future school leaders.



Transport links


Alexandra Primary School is situated in central Hounslow.

The school has many transport links close by.  Hounslow bus station is a short walk from the school.  Buses arrive from all parts of wider London to this station.

Locally there are two underground stations; Hounslow Central and Hounslow East. Both are situated on the Piccadilly line and are within a 10 minute walk from the school. Hounslow East tube station is slightly closer.

Southwest over ground trains run into Hounslow train station which is located near to Whitton.  The school is located about half an hours walk away; however a bus can be caught from the main road to the bus station on a very regular basis.

Staff have access to a car park on the school site.  There is limited space; therefore staff are encouraged to use public transport where possible.