Babington Academy (previously Babington Community College), is the lead school in the ‘Learning without Limits Academy Trust’.  Situated in North-West Leicester we are a larger than average secondary school attracting students from across the city. We have seen rapid growth over the last few years and we are currently expanding, making an additional 120 places available for students. 

We were graded as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted at our last inspection in March 2013 and feel that we have continued on a trajectory of improvement since that inspection.

About Us

We are very proud of our school which is characterised by diversity and inclusion.

This year we were awarded IQM Flagship School status. To have the opportunity to achieve Flagship School status you have to achieve IQM Centre of Excellence status for three years and prove that the work you are doing impacts not only on the community within your own school but also influencing the work of other schools. This award really exemplifies the outstanding work that goes on every single day to ensure that we do our very best for every single child that attends Babington. The award celebrates our collective moral drive to ensure that we make a profound positive difference to all students. 

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    D & T Technician (Art/Food Technology)

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    13th January 2022

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    Part Time

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    Babington Academy requires a D & T Technician (Art/Food Technology) to join their team Babington Academy is a vibrant and diverse 11-16 school where our students are our best ...

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Teaching and Learning

All lessons at Babington are planned using the ‘Babington Ways’

The Babington Way for Teaching and Learning

In order to promote outstanding learning, where students make at least expected and often better than expected progress, we will…

  • Engage students with a ‘starter’ or recap activity in the first Learning Episode
  • Share learning objectives and be clear about how character for learning will be built, firmly linking this to learning content
  • Set clear, relevant and measurable learning outcomes that are differentiated appropriately using the Gold, Silver, Bronze system
  • Give clear instructions and explanations, maintaining a meaningful and effective learning dialogue/narrative throughout the lesson
  • Plan and teach lessons through sequenced learning episodes, underpinned by BC4L, with regular opportunities for consolidation and review
  • Use a ‘blended’ approach to learning, ensuring that the internet and digital media are integrated alongside more traditional methods, over a series of lessons/over time
  • Reinforce positive learning habits through the setting of appropriate home/extended learning using ‘Show My Homework’ to set regular homework as expected
  • Address individual/group learning needs through differentiation and teach literacy (with a sharp focus on cross-curricular QWC) and numeracy explicitly where appropriate
  • Maintain an appropriate pace and adapt learning based on regular review and assessment opportunities
  • Use target grades to plan appropriate learning and have a regular dialogue with students about achievement
  • Embed AfL opportunities and be up to date with marking in line with the ‘Babington Way for effective Marking and Feedback’ (PINS, Wow, How, Now and WIN)
  • Use questioning effectively, through application of the PROBE acronym
  • Expect personal pride in presentation and the standard of work produced by students
  • Deploy support staff effectively, targeting the learning needs of individuals and groups of learners

This alone is not a formula for success


The Babington Way for Behaviour for Learning

In order to promote outstanding learning, where students make at least expected and often better than expected progress, we will expect the students to…

  • Get to lessons on time
  • Line up outside the classroom and/or go in quietly and stand behind the seats given to them in a seating plan
  • Greet their teacher politely
  • Wait to be asked to sit down
  • Answer to their names politely when the register is called
  • Listen to the teacher and each other
  • Put their hands up to speak
  • Be prepared and equipped for learning
  • Try their  best at all times, remain positive and take an active part in lessons whether on their own, in a group or as a whole class
  • Wait behind their chairs at the end of the lesson
  • Leave quietly when dismissed


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