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Welcome to Our School


We are very proud of our school and our achievements. Together We Achieve Success is our motto and it is the driving force of the school. Our students thrive because of their effort and hard work, along with the skill, hard work and dedication of their teachers and the support of their parents.

We are a school with a heart and soul and we believe that our job is to give our students the best possible chances in life, creating some fantastic lifelong memories along the way. Visitors to our school always remark on the fabulous relationships they see between teachers and students and between groups of students. We are always proud when we, and visitors, see our staff and students living, walking and talking the values of the school. It is no accident that so many former students regularly return to school as Alumni to make a positive contribution back to our students and give back to our school from their positions of success.

Our beautiful new school provided us with a wonderful backdrop and facilities and has become a springboard to success for our staff and students. We are passionate about working hard to ensure that our strong and successful journey continues for current and future generations of Beaumont Leys students.”

Headteacher – Dawn Parkinson

Our Vision

“Together we Achieve Success” is our motto and it is the first thing that you see on entry to our school. We believe that an effective partnership between students, parents and school leads to success for all.

We have an ambitious vision for our school and have high expectations for what every student and teacher can achieve. We believe that we are at our best when we are being one big family. You can see this everywhere in our school, in our warm relationships, in our tough love approach and even in our “family photos” that are everywhere in our school. We have three clear values which drive everything we do:

  • Ambition and Success: All students share our ambition and aspiration for them and they are enthusiastic, curious learners. They apply themselves consistently and work and think hard to build their skills, knowledge and understanding to turn their dreams into reality. We can all celebrate and be proud as they communicate their successes in increasingly scholarly ways.
  • Best Self: All students feel they belong, as positive members of our community. They are caring, thoughtful, empathetic and kind and take responsibility for themselves and others. They build positive relationships based on respect for themselves and others. As a result they develop, and allow everyone else to develop, as well-rounded, self-aware individuals.
  • Positive Future Selves: Positive Future Selves: All students understand that they are responsible for their own destiny. They develop and display independence, resilience, leadership, positive attitude and self-management skills that allow them to thrive as engaged citizens. They take opportunities to make a positive difference, both now, in school and in the community, as well as in their future lives at work and in the world. They create rich memories of their school years.

Our Values

We believe that students understand our values best through the key messages they hear in lessons, assemblies, events and corridors. Our key messages are:

  • Together We Achieve Success
  • Be Your Best Self
  • Be Kind
  • Be in the Right Place, at the Right Time, doing the Right Thing
  • Get out of your Comfort Zone
  • Make a Positive Contribution
  • Be a Custodian of the Future
  • Make the World a Better Place
  • Perform Beyond Expectation
  • First Time, Every Time


Where to find us

Where to find us

Where to find us
CB24 4RS