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Bradgate Education Partnership

The Bradgate Education Partnership was formed in collaboration with 11 local schools in Leicestershire who applied for MAT status to the Secretary of State for Education as a Multi Academy Trust in September 2016. The Trust currently has 16 schools in total, including two secondary schools.

We are committed to developing the local educational landscape within our primary and secondary schools through our unique autonomous model. We firmly believe that through collaboration and supportive challenge we can continue to support and develop further our academy Head Teachers and our Local Advisory Boards (LAB) to manage their own academies through our unique model.

​We are also registered as an academy sponsor for other schools or academies who may approach us and we aim to help them to improve their standards and performance through our supportive model of leadership and school improvement. We fully expect all schools and academies to give their expertise as well as take support from the Trust, as and when required.

Gareth Nelmes
Chief Executive Officer

About Us

Welcome to the Bradgate Education Partnership. We are a primary and secondary multi academy trust based in Leicestershire. We formed our MAT on the 1st September 2016. We firmly believe in a ‘through’ education model, developing individuals and schools to ensure each pupil has the chance to reach their full potential. The ethos behind our Trust is one based on autonomy and sustainable school improvement.

All schools within the Trust have equal access to the professional expertise and development opportunities through our teaching school; STEP Teaching School Alliance. Our teaching school has been operational since 2014 and not only supports all of the Trust schools, but also the wider area across the Local Authority.

We are a unique, forward thinking Trust who value school leaders to lead their own schools with their own retained autonomy. We are fortunate to have a highly skilled Trust Board who are able to support and challenge us to ensure that we achieve our long term goals.


To make a positive difference to the lives of our pupils, ensuring they leave school with high outcomes. 


By harnessing the efficiencies and rewards of a connected and effective Multi-Academy Trust but retaining the character and autonomy of individual schools we will support and create high performing collaborative academies who enable their pupils to succeed academically, emotionally and socially.

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