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At Burbage, we pride ourselves on offering a friendly, caring and happy school environment where children learn with enjoyment and flourish as individuals. We provide an exciting enquiry-based curriculum which is adapted to suit the children’s interests. We firmly believe that children should enjoy school but also be challenged to strive for success.

The school is sited in the heart of the large village of Burbage which is ten minutes from Marlborough and Pewsey. We are an academy within Excalibur Academies Trust and have close links with our partner schools within the trust as well as working with schools that are further afield.

We have six classrooms (four in our modern building and two in our mobile). We currently average 18 children per year group. We teach English and Maths in smaller teaching groups and have mixed-age classes for Creative Subjects. Our dedicated team of staff includes specialists in PE, Music and Science and we offer a fabulous range of after school clubs.

The school boasts a fantastic playing field as well as a large playground, a quiet area, an environmental area and a trim trail designed by our School Council. We have also converted a quiet room in to a bespoke Library which we opened last Summer Term. It is a great resource for the school!

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Excalibur Academies Trust

A family of schools achieving excellence and empowering individuality

The Excalibur Academies Trust is a family of schools with a community commitment to educational excellence, that prepares students for success in changing world through the promoting of tolerance, curiosity, independence and respect.

To develop highly capable, confident and independent learners who are well prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges presented by a global community, by delivering a coherent, seamless approach to teaching and learning from early years to adulthood.

Through astute and purposeful leadership, Excalibur Academies Trust is totally committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching and learning for pupils aged between 3 to 19 years.

Our vision will be realised, where possible, through the strong regional clusters of primary academies allied to a local secondary academy, who through collaborative partnership will deliver an educational experience of outstanding quality for all children wthin the reach of the academies.

The foundation stone of our culture is our community of schools, where knowledge sharing, collaboration, partnership and contribution and teamship form the core pillars.

We carefully cultivate an environment that is in international in its outlook, and which encourages independent learners whose individual potential can be realised. With the delivery of educational excellence as the prime commitment to our pupils, we also pay close attention to ensuring the morals, standards of ethical behaviour, good values and respect for one another are firmly embedded in the ethos of all our partner schools.

  • We are attentive to the fostering and maintaining of a happy environment for all, from pupils, to parents and members of staff, where resilience is encouraged, creativity applauded and success warmly celebrated.
  • Our decision making and subsequent actions are governed by high standards of ethical practice, with integrity, global citizenship, moral leadership, openness and trust acting as the key hallmarks
  • We seek to cultivate an international outlook and culture of respect for all that embraces equality, tolerance, understanding, listening and awareness.

Excalibur Academies Trust


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