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Cathedral Primary School is a primary school in the heart of Bristol which opened in September 2013. We aim to provide an outstanding education for children across the Bristol area. As part of Cathedral Schools Trust, Cathedral Primary School forms part of a new family of state funded schools for children aged 4 to 18. 

We are proud of our innovative and creative curriculum which takes full advantage of the wonderful resources surrounding the school to enrich children’s learning opportunities. Our curriculum is carefully planned to support children’s natural curiosity with a strong emphasis on the music curriculum as part of this experience.

We have a clear sense of values alongside a close relationship with parents, which supports and challenges all children to reach their full potential. We are proud of the fact that we are a very caring community. Parents are very supportive of the school and each other; working with the staff to ensure the best for their children.

Our Vision

Cathedral Primary School is in the heart of Bristol and provides opportunities for children to experience an outstanding, personalised and enriched education. Our school has a special emphasis on music. We are very proud of the relationship with Bristol Cathedral Choir School, our sister secondary school, and all their musical tradition and achievements, actively nurturing an appreciation of all genres of music among all our children. We aim to identify and develop talent from an early age and would like as many children as possible to learn an instrument. We also seek opportunities for wider musical outreach, working with other schools. Our children come from a range of backgrounds and we aspire to make the most of their talents especially in music, art, dance, languages, sport and drama and each of them will develop high level skills in literacy and numeracy. We aim for all students to develop leadership skills, to be confident and to have high aspirations with positive attitudes to learning. Most importantly there is an emphasis on developing a curriculum which engages all children in order to nurture their love of learning.

Cathedral Primary School works actively with other schools in order to provide educational experiences unique to the school. Working with BCCS has provided opportunities for children to work with specialised teachers in French, Physical Education and Music. From the start of their education in Reception children have weekly singing lessons and all children are proud to share their singing talents at the BCCS Cresswell performing space.  The vast amount of space at Failand Sports Ground is used to develop Athletic and Games skills and the woodland areas have been developed for Forest School activities; this area is used on a weekly basis during the summer months by the primary school children.

The location of Cathedral Primary School within the heart of Bristol with its access to cultural and historic attractions provides rich learning opportunities outside of the school environment. The careful planning of the curriculum includes use of these experiences to enrich learning opportunities. The children enjoy visiting the cathedral to listen to the choristers sing and will eventually, as the school grows, use it as an assembly space. Over the years children have enjoyed  performances of ‘The Night Autumn Turned to Winter’ at Bristol Old Vic, visited the MShed for a ‘History of Toys’, sailed on ‘The Matthew’ for their Seaside Topic, visited the 'ss Great Britain' to learn about 'Victorians at Sea' and cooked at Pizza Express when learning about Italy. All of these trips are walking distance from the school. Every year there are plans to use many more local attractions.

Cathedral Primary School is committed to improving sustainable travel awareness to the pupils, parents and staff and enhancing the travel facilities available. The school is working hard to promote safe travel to school and to raise awareness of the health and environmental benefits of walking and cycling to school.

In September 2017 the school relocated to the two lower floors of Bristol Central Library and was officially opened in October by the Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees. This has given Cathedral Primary School the opportunity to provide an outstanding and unique learning environment with an outstanding education for Bristol children. The children were interested to learn about Charles Holden, the architect who designed the Central Library, and feel proud to be part of an educational setting benefiting from the inspiration of Holden’s design.

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