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  • Job Title

    Cover Supervisor

  • Location

    Churchill, North Somerset

  • Posted

    4th July 2024

  • School

    Churchill Academy & Sixth Form

  • Salary

    JG5 £23,206 to £26,154 per annum

  • Hours

    Full Time, Part Time, Term Time

  • Description

    Pay Scale: JG5: FTE £26,421 to £29,777. Actual salary: £23,206 to £26,154 per annum. Contract: 37 hours per week, Term Time Only plus five INSET days. Permanent. Part time hours a ...

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Churchill Academy and Sixth Form is an 11-18 Academy situated in the village of Churchill, North Somerset, surrounded by countryside and overlooked by the Mendip Hills. The school was originally founded in 1957 and became an Academy in 2011. Churchill joined the Lighthouse Schools Partnership MAT on 1st April 2023. 

The school serves a number of large villages set around Churchill including Wrington, Banwell, Congresbury, Sandford, Winscombe, Blagdon, Burrington, Redhill and Langford. We also attract students from Weston-super-Mare, Hutton, Locking, and some areas of Somerset which are geographically very close. It is about 13 miles south-west of Bristol and 8 miles east of Weston-super- Mare.

The Academy, which currently has over 1600 students on its roll, is organised by a house system, with the houses named after royal dynasties of Britain: Stuart (green), Hanover (gold), Lancaster (purple), Tudor (red) and Windsor (blue).

Welcome to Churchill Academy & Sixth Form


Welcome to Churchill Academy & Sixth Form. We are proud to be a successful comprehensive school with an excellent sixth form in a beautiful rural setting. We maintain the highest standards of behaviour within a supportive and inclusive culture that values and celebrates personal enrichment and creativity alongside academic achievement. We are proud of our reputation as a friendly and welcoming school where we care for all our staff and students. We are never complacent, and constantly work to make our school even better.

Our core purpose is to inspire and enable young people to make a positive difference. We do this with a single-minded focus on the power of learning to transform our lives. To learn effectively, we believe in the value of: 

  • Determined and consistent effort
  • A hunger to learn new things
  • Challenging ourselves to go beyond what is comfortable
  • Viewing setbacks and mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow
  • Seeking and responding to feedback
  • Encouraging others to succeed

All of our work is guided by our core values:

These values underpin our vision to be a school where we set no limits on what we can achieve. 

If you would like to find out more about the Academy and the exceptional education we offer, please get in touch. We look forward to meeting you. 

Chris Hildrew, Headteacher

Vision and Values

Our values are:

Kindness, Curiosity, Determination.

These values support our vision:

To set no limits on what we can achieve.

This vision supports our core purpose, which is:

To inspire and enable young people to make a positive difference.

We empower everyone at the Academy to develop knowledge, skills, character and confidence, and we all make a positive contribution to the Academy and its wider community. We have high expectations and maintain excellent behaviour through constructive relationships built on trust and respect. Our approach is driven by our belief that personal and academic accomplishments are not limited by what we, or others, think we can achieve.


At Churchill, we are kind to one another. This means that we are considerate and generous every day, caring for one another and doing everything we can to make sure everybody else has a good day at school. Kindness reinforces our shared sense of community; it builds trust and respect; and it ensures that we take our social responsibilities seriously.

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” (Amelia Earhart)


At Churchill, we are constantly curious and hungry for new learning. We value enquiring minds and a spirit of exploration. The desire to know or learn something new motivates us to try our hardest in everything we do.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled” (Plutarch)


At Churchill, we are persistent and relentless in the pursuit of our goals – both academic and personal. This determination to keep going when learning is difficult, and to come back and try again when we struggle, helps us to succeed.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” (Thomas Edison)


Internal CPD Provision

There are 6 INSET days in the academic year; each of these will have a theme allocated to them. 

Twilight Programme

There are twilight CPD sessions during the academic year. Staff sign up to a programme for the whole year to develop specific aspects of their practice. There is also a bespoke programme for Teaching Assistants and a leadership development programme running in these sessions. 

PGCE Programme

This programme is led by Joanne Gill, Assistant Headteacher for Teaching & Learning.  This ensures that all student teachers at the Academy are fully inducted and developed during their year with us. 

ECT and New Staff Induction Programme

This programme is led by Joanne Gill, Assistant Headteacher for Teaching & Learning.  Both new (to the Academy) and newly qualified teaching staff are welcome to attend these sessions.  Details regarding the programme are published at the beginning of each academic year.

Support staff have their own induction programme linked to the 6-month probationary period.

Middle Leadership Team (MLT)

Heads of Faculty and Heads of House jointly lead the planning of additional CPD opportunities provided within Faculty meeting time, and some Twilight sessions regarding pedagogy and the sharing of good practice.