Crown Hills is a larger than average 11-16 urban mixed comprehensive maintained community college.   

The college has achieved Enhanced Healthy School status, Career Mark, Sports Mark, Investors in People and is a Fair Trade school. We have also successfully achieved the FMSIS standard. 

The college was rebuilt under the BSF initiative as a PFI scheme. We moved into our new premises in October 2013. The English Cricket Board invested approximately £1m into the project to build an eight court sports hall with excellent facilities for all sports but particularly cricket. The sports hall operates commercially in the evenings, at weekends and during the holidays. During twilight times it is used by Leicestershire Cricket Club for coaching their youth academy.

About Us

Crown Hills is a vibrant, multi cultural 11-16 community college with 1200 students situated in the heart of Leicester.

There are 240 students in each year group.

In November 2013 we moved into a brand new school with state of the art facilities for students and the local community.

Our Sport Specialism has been enhanced by an 8 court multi purpose sports facility, partially funded by the ECB to promote excellence in cricket.

The new facilities will also enable us to deliver an exciting and enquiry based curriculum at KS3.


At Crown Hills we aim:

To empower tomorrow’s global citizens with the courage and the skill to be innovative, independent and responsible, and the wisdom to be successful, healthy and happy.

To foster good relations between all those connected with Crown Hills and to challenge racism and discrimination in any form.

To ensure that equality permeates everything that we do.


We will do this by encouraging:

Aspirations, ambition and achievement.

Care, collaboration, cooperation, commitment and confidence.

Constructive communication, celebration and determination.

An enthusiasm for learning,empathy,excellence,fairness and equality of opportunity.

Good manners,honesty and integrity. Imagination and creativity. Moral courage.

We nurture and promote open mindedness, mutual respect and trust.

We encourage participation, reflection, self-discipline and success.

We are proud of the broad and balanced curriculum which we offer at Crown Hills and of how the college actively promotes the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

At Crown Hills, students learn about all the major world religions, as well as Humanism, as part of the Religious Studies curriculum.

In recognition of this, the college has twice been nominated for the Schools’ National Accord Award, winning third place last time. We believe that at Crown Hills we have an obligation to prepare all our young people to achieve the very best qualifications possible and to live lives which will make a positive contribution to our British society.

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Our Community

Community Cohesion in Practice

 Community cohesion lies at the heart of what makes a strong and safe community. It must be delivered locally through creating strong networks, based on principles of trust, and respect for local diversity, and nurturing a sense of belonging and confidence in local people. Effectively delivering community cohesion also tackles the fractures in society which may lead to conflict and ensures that the gains that communities bring are a source of strength to local areas.

Crown Hills College provides education for all, acknowledging that the society within which we live is enriched by diversity. We strive to ensure that the culture and ethos of the college reflects the diversity of all members of the college community, where everyone is equally valued and treats one another with respect and fairness. Students are provided with the opportunity to experience, understand and celebrate diversity.

We will work towards eliminating all discrimination, on the grounds of race, gender, gender reassignment, disability, sexuality (including sexual orientation), age, religion and belief. We believe that all students, employees, stakeholders and members of our local and global community should be treated with dignity and respect at all times and we will not tolerate bullying, harassment or victimisation of any groups or individuals.

Progress To Date:

•We have written, shared and completed a transparent and unambiguous policy re: Equality Diversity and Community Cohesion

•We have carried out an audit of all Community Cohesion delivered within the curriculum at Crown Hills. This is an ongoing project and updates will be scheduled every 18 to 24 months.

•Community Cohesion is now a standing item on all Faculty Agendas to assist future auditing.

•We have designed, issued, collated and analysed an Equality and Diversity questionnaire to ascertain opinion from Crown Hills staff, parents and students. This data has been reviewed by SLT and Faculties within the school and used to inform future planning.

•We are continuing to build an extensive portfolio of all Community Cohesion activity at Crown Hills some of which include:-

Sporting Partnerships (multitude)

Connecting Classrooms (Zimbabwe, Nigeria) in conjunction with City of Leicester and St Paul’s

Creative Partnerships (The Mighty Creatives)

1)Year 9 Nurture Sculpture

2) Science, Technology and filming

One Leicester Link Project (Samworth)

Send My Friend to School (One Goal Campaign) etc…

Sports College

Crown Hills Sports College.

Crown Hills is a nationally-recognised Sports College that targets the heart of its community, both geographically and physically, with activities that promote and encourage the pursuit of health and well-being as well as sporting excellence. The Sports College staff is committed to creating a rich diet of opportunities and events which, it is hoped, will benefit all age groups following the curriculum, but equally those user groups outside the normal college day. We also offer fully inclusive activities as well as targeted work for the benefit of all students. In partnership with the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) we are delighted to be moving into a new sporting facility which we are confident will offer us even more opportunities, including the enhancement of cricketing standards.

We are also a hub-site for the Leicester City School Sport Partnership who are committed to offering competition, festivals and training for the benefit of all students and staff in the Primary Sector. The sports specialism has influenced the BSF project and, as a result of the above partnership, in October 2013 we moved into our new facility sporting six-lane cricket nets as well as eight badminton courts, and a Wellness Fitness Suite.

An established Academy for Student Leadership already operates within the college and enjoys local and regional recognition for its good work in all levels of competition.

Crown Hills is one of only fifty Health and Well-Being centres in the country. Its reputation is widely acknowledged for its targeted work with staff, students and the wider community.

The college is committed to raising whole-school attainment and, as a consequence, has created a staffing structure that impacts on student voice, leadership and volunteering, academic mentoring, health mentoring and the core subjects.

Our Ofsted

The recent OFSTED inspection report states

“The college makes good use of its sports specialism in promoting leadership values and making links with the wider and international community, which enhance students’ experience”.

“Lessons, assemblies, tutor time and extra curricular activities all contribute significantly to the sense of harmony and common purpose so evident in the college”.

“Students value learning and are justly proud of their college”.

“Students are very supportive and proud of their college. They greatly enjoy being members of this harmonious and friendly college”.

One student said to the Lead Inspector “We are from many different cultures but we all have the same values”.

“Students safety is given a high priority”.

“The high levels of tolerance and respect that students show each other and staff are an exemplary feature of the college”.

“Students make good progress in their work”.

Crown Hills Community College abides by a strict policy on racism and the staff, students, governors and all users of the college declare themselves to be unequivocally opposed to any form of racism and the discrimination to which it may give rise.

The college is also fully supportive of Leicester City Council on Equal Opportunities and it has a robust Equality & Diversity Policy.

Leicester City Information

Further information about our great city can be found here



Here is a message from the current Mayor of Leicester City

Teacher Training

Teacher Training at Crown Hills

 School Direct

School Direct is an exciting new teacher training route for graduates.

Training is provided by a small consortium of schools in conjunction with a local university with more emphasis being placed on in-school training.

For the purpose of School Direct we will be working with City of Leicester and Babington schools as well as the University of Leicester.

We will be offering placements in Maths, English and History with additional places in Modern Foreign Languages and Citizenship being offered by the consortium.

For further details on this, please follow the link below to the City of Leicester Home page.

City Of Leicester College

For Details of PGCE Training at the University of Leicester, please follow the link below

University of Leicester

Crown Hills has a long tradition of training teachers through a range of training routes.

It is a role that we take seriously as a college and that brings us huge benefits in terms of reputation, ease of recruitment and Professional Development opportunities for our own staff.

It is also our opportunity to influence and shape the teachers of the future and therefore, for the benefit of every school that employs one of our trainees, we work hard to ensure the highest quality development, training, mentoring and support.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, Crown Hills can support you in a number of ways.

School Experience Placements (SEP)

SEP placements are arranged by the TA and involve visiting a school to observe lessons for initially 1 day however up to a further 9 days can be arranged at the school and the visitors convenience.

At Crown Hills our SEP visitors have the opportunity to observe 6 lessons delivered by a range of teachers and are encouraged to interact with our students within those lessons.

They also have opportunity to speak with a member of the specific department they are interested in. SEP placements are appropriate for people who have either got a degree already or have a predicted degree classification (i.e. are in the final year of their degree).

You do not need to hold a CRB to apply for a SEP placement.

We currently offer SEP placements in the following subjects


Science – Physics, Chemistry & Biology (Mr R Sheikh)


Languages (French)

To find out more about SEP placements & to apply please visit Get into teaching


We no longer offer Graduate Training Placements to people not currently employed within the college.


We engage with a number of training providers in a range of subject areas as detailed below:

Leicester University - English, Maths, MFL, History

Loughborough - Science, PE, Design

Leicestershire SCITT - English, Maths, Science, MFL, History.

Please click here for more information

Information about applying for an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) place is available by clicking the link below

Apply for Teacher Training