Crown Hills is a larger than average 11-16 urban mixed comprehensive maintained community college.   

The college has achieved Enhanced Healthy School status, Career Mark, Sports Mark, Investors in People and is a Fair Trade school. We have also successfully achieved the FMSIS standard. 

The college was rebuilt under the BSF initiative as a PFI scheme. We moved into our new premises in October 2013. The English Cricket Board invested approximately £1m into the project to build an eight court sports hall with excellent facilities for all sports but particularly cricket. The sports hall operates commercially in the evenings, at weekends and during the holidays. During twilight times it is used by Leicestershire Cricket Club for coaching their youth academy.

Why Crown Hills


There are two reasons you will be looking at this section, either you are a parent and child looking for their next school or a member of staff looking to work with us. I will look to address both matters and hope to see you as part of the CHCC family very soon.

Our mission is very simple:

“We want every student to be the best they can be, thrive in the best possible career and contribute positively to society.”

I have always wanted Crown Hills to be one of the greatest schools in the country, a great school to attend as a child, a great school to work in and one that encompasses great leadership to allow both of these things to flourish.

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  • Job Title

    Behaviour Inclusion Support Worker

  • Location

    Leicester, Leicestershire

  • Posted

    10th June 2024

  • Salary

    £22,498.30 - £24,498.55

  • Hours

    Term Time

  • Description

    Dear prospective applicant, Thank you for taking the time to read about this role and our school. CHCC is in the top 12% of schools nationally and blends a 70-year history of incl ...

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Where to find us

Where to find us

Where to find us
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