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Welcome from the Headteacher

King Ecgbert School has a long held reputation for excellence in Sheffield, and as headteacher my role is to be the custodian who protects what has long been a wonderful place to be educated.

Our 'ERA' values of academic excellence, showing respect and having high aspirations shape all that we do.

We see our purpose being far more than giving students knowledge, understanding and qualifications; but to help them develop into fine young adults who are happy, confident and able to make a positive difference to world around them when they leave.

Paul Haigh, Headteacher


We are an Anti-Racist Bronze Award school


At King Ecgbert School we celebrate the diversity in our school community. We are officially an Anti-Racist Bronze Award School, accredited by Leeds Beckett University Centre for Race, Education and Decoloniality and were the first school in the country to be accredited as such.

To prepare our students to enter the world as effective global citizens, we work hard to enhance the educational experience of all students by affirming their racial and ethnic identities and engender a sense of belonging and value in school. This is achieved through the delivery of a diverse and representative curriculum, hidden curriculum, enrichment opportunities and staff recruitment. Student groups and student leaders work with staff to recognise and celebrate the diversity of identity in our student and staff body and staff training supports all that we do.

King Ecgbert School Dignity and Respect Policy underpins and supports the delivery of this ethos for all staff, students, families, and visitors who come to King Ecgbert School.

We are part of Mercia Learning Trust


Joining Mercia Learning Trust means being part of an exceptional team of staff committed to continuous improvement, partnership and securing positive outcomes for every pupil. Our multi-academy trust is one of the strongest and most effective in the region.

You will work in an exceptional school, alongside a strong team of professionals, with great students.

We share the same mission and moral purpose to ensure every pupil, whatever their background, will attend an exceptional school.

We believe pupils should enjoy school, feel safe and fully supported, be inspired to learn, develop character and aspiration, and realise their full potential.

We are so committed to pupil success and well-being that we choose to think of every pupil as if they are our own, and to measure our actions and impact against this.

Neil Miley, CEO

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Meet the Team

Thumb avatar Paul Haigh
Paul Haigh
Thumb avatar Sian Stockham
Sian Stockham
Deputy Headteacher
Thumb avatar Nick Jones
Nick Jones
Deputy Headteacher
Thumb avatar Rebecca McCairns
Rebecca McCairns
Director of Sixth Form
Thumb avatar Amy Hardie
Amy Hardie
Assistant Headteacher
Thumb avatar Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey
Assistant Headteacher
Thumb avatar Dave Parry
Dave Parry
Assistant Headteacher
Thumb avatar Charlotte Bowyer
Charlotte Bowyer
Assistant Headteacher
Thumb avatar Jenny Barnes
Jenny Barnes
Assistant Headteacher

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Where to find us

Where to find us

Where to find us
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