George Abbot School is located on a pleasant site on the north-eastern side of Guildford, within 25 miles of London.

It has a high academic reputation both within the county and nationally. The school is heavily oversubscribed with 350 students applying for the 300 spaces available in September each year. We currently have over 1950 students on roll with around 450 in the sixth form.

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About Us

George Abbot School sees itself as an important part of the local community and is committed to promoting community cohesion both within and outside the school. As a teaching school we work closely with a number of partner schools locally, nationally and internationally.

George Abbot School is a large 11-18, mixed comprehensive, situated in the pleasant Burpham area of Guildford, within easy reach of the town, the A3 and London Road railway station. It is a forward looking and dynamic school which has a reputation for excellence in every area. The overall aim of the school is to promote excellence, personal achievement and the realisation of each student's potential irrespective of gender, race or cultural background. George Abbot became an Academy on 1 July 2011.

For many years we have been an Accredited Provider for Initial Teacher Training. This aspect of our school has not only provided excellent training opportunities for our staff but has also provided us with highly skilled teachers in many of the shortage subject areas, allowing us to be always fully staffed with every teacher teaching their specialist subject. Furthermore, in 2011 we became one of the first 100 Teaching Schools in England and Wales. This accolade has allowed us to continue developing our expertise in the areas of Leadership, Researchers in Schools, and the provision of the highest quality continuing professional development for teaching and support staff at all levels.

The school has the recognition of International Status as a result of our links with so many other educational establishments both in Europe and further afield. Three times, the school has acquired the prestigious Investor in People Award, as well as the Artsmark Gold Award, also three times. The school has also been designated a National Support School.

There have been regular of building projects over the years at George Abbot School including an Upper School Information Centre, a Sports Hall built in conjunction with Surrey County Cricket Club, the Wilson Building (used for teaching by the English Faculty) and the Performing Arts and Sixth Form Centre accommodation. In addition, there has been considerable investment in the school's ICT systems and infrastructure. An Arts/Gallery Information Centre, Mac Suite, photo/dark room/studio, Sculpture Garden and a new Performing Arts block with additional Sixth Form accommodation have also been completed in recent years, and our new astro pitch was opened in 2014.

The school is extremely well resourced to deliver high quality teaching and learning.

For further information about the school please view our school website, or see our 'General Information 2016-17' document uploaded to the Eteach website.

We are part of the Athena- GEP Schools Trust

We are a collaborative Multi Academy Trust (MAT) built on partnership and thriving on local schools working together. Our aim is to offer the best schools to our communities, delivering outstanding education to every child. Athena-GEP was set up by local schools to develop a MAT that sets high aspirations and goals for every school in the partnership.

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Working for us

Professional Development Opportunities 

The school has an enviable reputation with regard to the professional development available to all staff and for its performance management systems.  There is a team of experienced staff dedicated to this aspect of the school’s work.  As a Training School since 2001, and a Teaching School since 2011, professional development extends beyond the school and staff are involved in a number of initiatives both locally and nationally.

There is a strong tradition over the last fifteen years for creating wider opportunities for staff, at any level, to take on professional development responsibilities for one year to support the School Development Plan or Teaching School targets. 

We have developed a programme to support personalised CPD.  This, combined with our quality performance management processes and procedures, ensures that each individual takes into account their own objectives and opts into the appropriate sessions to meet their individual needs.  Funding is made available for appropriate accredited training.

The school has invested in a Personnel Team who support NQTs/RQTs and teachers new to the school.  There is also an Advanced Skills Teacher, who along with their outreach work, supports professional development of colleagues within the school.

Previously an Accredited Provider for Initial Teacher Training, George Abbot School is now a highly established ‘School-Centred Initial Teacher Training’ (SCITT) offering School Direct Primary and Secondary, Researchers in Schools and Teach Independent programmes. We were a Training School from 2000, and were one of the first 100 designated Teaching Schools in England and wales. As a result we have vast experience of leading, mentoring and coaching the development of colleagues at all stages of their career. These opportunities are further enhanced by our status as an International School.

A Professional Development Centre has been created, which serves as a specialist venue for our considerable in-house and outreach programme.

Future Employment Opportunities

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Health and Wellbeing, and Staff Benefits

  • Integrated systems of consultation include our Change Group and a Staff Association & Welfare Group which meet with representation from every area of the school. This provides a forum for the discussion of any staffing or staff development issue, and supports our focus on with work-life balance and welfare.  
  • Staff benefits at George Abbot  include the opportunity to utilise our healthcare plan supporting health and wellbeing; reduced treatment costs are available to all colleagues in areas such as dentistry, eye care, physiotherapy and many more.
  • Staff admissions priority: priority is given to the 'children of staff' who have been employed by the school for more than two years prior to considering applications from 'nearest school'. Please see the Admission Arrangements Policy for further information.
  • Masses of extra-curricular opportunities for staff - football and cricket teams, golf society, staff choir, organised fitness sessions - including corporate membership at the local fitness club and a wide variety of organised social activities and discounts available at other organisations.

 Professional Development

  • A training programme that takes into account the needs of staff through surveys and feedback, to ensure priorities are covered. Professional Development Portfolios for all and a wide range of CPD activities as part of inset and directed time. Quality performance management for all staff and outreach work supporting individuals as well as other schools.
  • An excellent supportive induction programme for all staff. Induction days, mentoring and coaching for new managers, NQTs join us at the end of June prior to their first term of teaching.
  • As a large school there are many opportunities for staff, at whatever level, to take on additional responsibility of a whole school nature; some with incentive allowances attached, or time provided. As a result many members of staff have been internally promoted.
  • External staff development opportunities - attendance at courses and conferences, links with colleges, opportunities for staff exchanges, support for initial teacher training as well as liaison with other educational establishments.
  • Previously an Accredited Provider for Initial Teacher Training, now a highly established ‘School-Centred Initial Teacher Training’ (SCITT) offering School Direct Primary and Secondary, Researchers in Schools and Teach Independent programmes. We were a Training School from 2000, and were one of the first 100 Teaching Schools designated. As a result we have vast experience of leading, mentoring and coaching the development of colleagues at all stages of their career.

 Learning and Teaching

  • We offer 3 non-contact periods as part of a 25 period timetable. These non-contacts are protected as part of our unique cover system. The Leadership Group carry out almost all the cover for absent staff, allowing teachers guaranteed time to use non-contacts as they feel most valuable.
  • Support staff employed to embrace Workforce Reform: all faculties have their own teaching assistant; non-teaching pastoral managers staff each year group; excellent administrative support covers all aspects of the National Agreement; plus, we run an excellent training programme dedicated to support staff.

 Our Students

  • Outstanding results at GCSE - on average over 81.6% of George Abbot students achieved the benchmark 5 A*-C with 76% of students getting those grades including Maths and English in 2014-2015.
  • Outstanding results at Sixth Form level - approximately 11.7% of the grades awarded to George Abbot students were A*, and the number of students receiving A/A* was 33.6%. Approximately 57% of students achieving A*-B grades, with the overall pass rate once again 99%.

 The School

  • High profile Leadership Team who believe in the importance of getting into classrooms to support Learning and Teaching, and operate an open door policy so they are accessible to all staff and students.
  • Assessed as an “Outstanding School” by Ofsted; twice achieved High Performing Specialist School status with previous specialisms in Visual Arts and Modern Foreign Languages; awarded International School Status with link schools in Europe, Canada, China and Africa.
  • One of the best resourced maintained schools in the County. Our excellent staff facilities include - staff work rooms with individual workstations; Staff Lounge which is the hub of the communication centre where free teas and coffees are served morning break time; good ICT facilities for staff use; lunches provided for all Progress Monitoring Consultations and INSET days.
  • We are a member of Guildford Education Partnership (GEP Academies), a developing Multi Academy Trust with a cross-phase family of schools with the common aim of continuous school improvement through challenge, collaboration and support.  GEP Academies seeks to be a network of schools where every child/young person receives the best possible education through the sharing of best practice and world class professional development opportunities for staff. 

The History of George Abbot

George Abbot was born in Guildford in 1562 and educated at the Royal Grammar School and at Balliol College, Oxford. By 1600 he had become Vice-Chancellor of the University and Dean of Winchester. He became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1611. He retained deep affection for his home town and in 1619 laid the foundation stone of the Hospital of the Blessed Trinity or, as it is often called, Abbot's Hospital.

He died in 1633 in Croydon and was buried at Holy Trinity Church in Guildford where his brother Sir Maurice Abbot erected an elaborate monument to his memory. He left further legacies to his hospital and £100 for the poor people of Guildford.

Now, more than 350 years after his death, he is commemorated by the school which bears his name. The school holds a commemorative service in Holy Trinity Church on, or as close as possible to, the anniversary of his birth date of October 29th. 

Formerly there were two single sex schools on the site. The boys' school, opened in 1958, was located in what is now termed the Raynham building, named after the first headmaster. In 1961 the girls' school opened with Miss Elmslie as the headmistress.

In addition to the Elmslie and Raynham buildings there is a Sixth Form Centre located between the two, together with a block housing textiles, the staff room and the unit for the visually impaired. The recently completed Year 7 unit opened in September 1998.

Reorganisation to form a single 12-18 comprehensive school took place in 1976 and to an 11-18 school at the time of the change in the age of transfer in Surrey in 1993. Thus, although the school is relatively young in its present form it is rooted in a tradition that leads back over 400 years.

By any measure the school is one of the most successful comprehensive schools in Surrey.

Results from SATs, at GCSE and GCE A level are always amongst the best in Surrey, which is itself a high performing county.

Most students stay on into the Sixth Form in spite of the competing attractions of local Colleges with very good reputations. The Sixth Form numbers are approaching 400, making it a major feature of school life and allowing the school to offer a large number of courses to its students.

The school puts great emphasis on its comprehensive status and believes strongly in the need to maximise the potential of every student. All Year 7 students are placed in a tutor group housed in a single block and overseen by a Head of Year 7 who fulfils the role every year to maintain continuity.

Assistants support heads of all years and the school has made great advances in what it knows about each and every one of its students; teachers are provided with high quality information about the prior attainment of every student in their teaching groups.

The school is about much more than academic attainment, however important though this is. It is proud of the wide range of cultural, sporting and extracurricular activities that it offers and the large numbers of students who participate in them. Overall the school has established a strong reputation and we anticipate that the school will form increasingly strong links with, and come to be an integral part of the community it serves. This would be in keeping with our school motto NON SIBI SED TOTI – 'Not for oneself but for everyone'.

 Deb Cooper

School Aims and Values


The educational aims of George Abbot School are based on the fundamental principle that the education of each student is of equal value. The overall aim of the school is to promote excellence, personal achievement, and the realisation of each student’s potential, irrespective of gender, race or cultural background.

To achieve this overall aim at George Abbot School, we endeavour:

  • to provide each student with the opportunities to develop intellectually and to build the academic foundations required for his or her future life;
  • to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum differentiated according to the needs of students, encouraging lively, enquiring minds, self-confidence, initiative and independent learning;
  • to provide all students with those basic and transferable skills needed for effective living in a rapidly changing world, encouraging lifelong learning;
  • to provide a safe and secure environment in which each student can develop as an individual and as a member of a caring community;
  • to promote involvement with the social and economic community outside the school;
  • to provide a professional and satisfying working environment for all staff, in which there will be opportunities for professional and personal development;
  • to promote a culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of school life.

The school seeks to achieve these aims through its provision for the academic, personal and social development of students. Progress will inevitably be one of staged growth, with individual needs varying at different key stages.


As a community school, we at George Abbot embrace our school motto ‘non sibi sed toti’ – not for oneself but for all.

Staff, students, parents and Governors were asked to identify what they believed to be the core values that George Abbot strives to uphold and, following significant discussion, the eight identified below were agreed. These values have been displayed around the school buildings and it is hoped that this will help students gain a deeper understanding of what our values mean, and be inspired to adopt them personally in their day to day activities and relationships in school.


At George Abbot we trust you to do what is right and to treat others as you would wish to be treated
“You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”
Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur and Author


At George Abbot we want you to achieve your very best at all times, be creative, take risks and persevere
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
Aristotle, Greek Philosopher


At George Abbot we care about others and give encouragement so that all can succeed
“Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”
Mark Twain, Author


At George Abbot we believe that who you become is as important as what we achieve
“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get.”
Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimmer


At George Abbot we celebrate diversity and value all equally
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou, Author and Poet


George Abbot is your school, respect it, enjoy it and welcome everyone into it
“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Anne Frank, Diarist and Writer


At George Abbot we respect the past and look forward to the future with a focus on courage, honesty, justice, fair treatment, kindness, compassion and respect
“When tradition gathers enough strength to go on for centuries, you don’t just turn it off one day.”
Chinua Achebe, Novelist and Poet


At George Abbot School, we believe that we have to give respect to everyone in our community and we will receive it in return.
“Respect is a two way street. If you want to get it, you have to give it.”
R.G. Risch, Author