About Us

Haywood Village Academy is a primary school in Haywood Village, Weston-Super-Mare. Our school is at the heart of the community that it serves and is an Academy that is defined by:

High Aspirations
Valuing Learning
Achievement for all

Together with our partners, locally and regionally, we have created a school where children flourish and achieve their full potential. We have created a safe and engaging environment. We provide a limitless education that empowers choice through enriching, meaningful and active opportunities developing lovely people

Our Ethos and Vision

High aspirations
Aspiring for greatness is a conscious choice. As a school we believe that in partnership with parents and our community, we can give our children the guidance, opportunities and belief to make conscious choices. Their aspiration will be deep rooted in their values as they aspire to be lovely people: respectful, honest, trustworthy, empathetic and responsible. Our children will become enthusiastic and skilful artists, sportspersons, mathematicians, writers, readers, linguists, scientists, musicians, historians, geographers and engineers. Our children will be equipped to support and solve local and global challenges, as well as aspire for positive health and well-being for themselves and others.

Valuing learning
Learning is personal and we all recognise the tremendous impact of those teachers who truly understand and know their pupils. We believe that in order for our children to thrive, their safety and happiness is paramount. Your child’s learning is crucially important: The acquisition of skills and knowledge, as well as developing the characteristics of a truly successful learner are core to our approach.  Children educated at Haywood Village Academy develop the essential characteristics in great learners: curiosity, perseverance, motivation, resilience, courage and reflectiveness. Alongside the characteristics of learning, the school’s curriculum ignites their love of learning so they develop important skills and understanding of the world around them.

Learning in this school is limitless: the expectations for each child’s potential will be uncapped; there will be awe and wonder; inquisitiveness and enquiry is the curriculum and the expectations for developing and sharing learning will extend far beyond our walls. Children develop important skills that transcend subject disciplines and enable them to excel in life: problem solving, analysing and synthesising information; creativity and showing personal expression; research skills; aural, oral and written communication; leadership, teamwork and collaboration.

Achievement for all
We recognise that every child is unique and their personalities and skills reflect this. We believe in every child who attends our school and are unwavering in our ambitions for their achievement. We are passionate about celebrating their individual achievements. We welcome parents to support us in championing the success of our children in their achievements both at home and in school. Children at Haywood Village Academy know the feeling of success throughout their learning and demonstrate pride in the outcomes they have created: we are proud of them all.

Providing a limitless education that empowers choice through enriching, meaningful and active opportunities developing lovely people.

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Working for Us

Our Academy is part of the Cabot Learning Federation and benefits from all the advantages of being part of a group of academies.

Children visit other academies for sports and other events such as language or science activities. Students from the secondary academies visit us for to perform drama and take part in sports activities, as well as lead some of them. We share good practice between academies and teachers from all academies in the Federation visit the other academies for professional development.

Here at the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF), we like to celebrate. We celebrate exam results, collaboration, achievement, innovations and new ideas; we celebrate the determination of our students; we celebrate the amazing role played by staff; and we celebrate the efforts and successes of our team.

We celebrate the small achievements and the big. But far from being self-congratulatory, we are always looking to learn, to improve education and to make a positive difference for students and their families. And that's where you come in.

At the CLF, we value your experience, skills, expertise and ideas. We expect you to help us to be the very best education provider, and in return we will listen and support you to take your career in whichever direction you choose. 

With the CLF you can be a leader, find solutions, become an expert, close the gaps and inspire and influence. The range of roles and opportunities in the CLF is as diverse as the communities we serve.

Or you may simply want to fulfil your defined role to the very best of your abilities.

Whatever our individual aspirations, together we make education real every day, in a very individual sense for each student. We learn each day from colleagues, students, families and local communities and we embrace our values and take pride in our work.

Talent Pool

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Cabot Learning Federation

The Cabot Learning Federation is a partnership of schools that is sponsored by Rolls Royce PLC and The University of the West of England (UWE). It now sponsors twelve academies in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Weston super Mare and Bath. This means that we are responsible and accountable for the education of 5600 students between the ages of 3 and 19 and for the employment and support of over 1200 staff.

Our vision is based upon our mission of "collaboration for outstanding achievement" and the work that is now shared between our schools at senior and middle leadership level, teachers and support staff underpins this every day. All of our staff are employed by the CLF and this enables us to give colleagues the opportunity to work in more than one academy either for their own development or because the skills that they have are needed by more than one of our schools.

The Cabot Learning Federation enters 2015 with a new CEO, Steve Taylor. Steve has played a major part in the development of the federation, both as Principal of Bristol Metropolitan Academy and Executive Principal of the CLF: We are moving forward into the next era with confidence, building on the success of our 3-19 collaboration and continuing to change the face of learning and community cohesion for the areas in which our academies are located.

For more information and vacancies for Cabot Learning Federation please click here

Information for Applicants

All applications must be submitted using our CLF application form as we do not accept CVs. Our application form aims to capture your career information.

If there is anything we can do to help make the application process easier, please contact us at hr@clf.cabot.ac.uk

Please note due to the high volume of applications if you have not heard anything within 2 weeks of the closing date you should deem that your application has not been successful