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Head Teacher's Welcome

At Highgate, we aim to work in partnership with parents; we believe that a child's education is enhanced when there is a positive relationship between home and school. Together we can give all our children the best start possible.

We are 'Living, Learning and Laughing Together'.

We have recently introduced our Diamond Rules that help to guide us in all of our work in and around school. Our Diamond Rules are:

  • Follow instructions with thought and care.
  • Show good manners at all times.
  • Care for everyone and everything.

If you have any concerns, please come and talk to us and we will always try to help. We look forward to working with you!

 Mr Jenkinson

Head Teacher


Highgate Primary is a happy and successful two-form entry community school where there is great enthusiasm for fun and learning from both the pupils and a highly committed and experienced staff team. Adults are referred to by their first name and we have a no-uniform policy.

Music, art and whole-school performances, philosophy, science and sport are all highly valued and give our children many opportunities to shine. The Highgate Primary curriculum reflects our children’s interests and enables them to achieve standards of which we are extremely proud. The aim is for our children to move through life with confidence, excellent skills, good friendships and happy memories of primary school

About Us


Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.We meet the learning needs of children through the effective delivery of the curriculum and aim to get the best for every child and from every child.

To achieve this vision we aim to:   

  • Create a safe, happy, interesting and motivating environment to support everyone in achieving their highest possible standard.
  • Ensure that everyone feels that they are listened to and that their contribution to school life is valued, whether they are there to learn or to work. Encourage hard work and high expectations for all, to deliver self-confidence and a personal sense of achievement.
  • Provide pupils with a wide range of experiences and a variety of learning opportunities, in order to encourage inquiring minds.  Equip pupils with knowledge and understanding enabling cooperative and independent learning to help all to achieve their full potential.
  • Ensure that everyone, through their behaviour, both in and out of school shows care, respect and tolerance for others.
  • Play an active part in the wider community, so that children will become responsible members of society. 
  • Involve parents in the life of the school.  Their contribution is valued and necessary.

A Highgate pupil:

  • Feels happy, healthy and confident in themselves.
  • Values the views of others, and has respect and tolerance for all.
  • Has the skills to work confidently as part of a team. Has an inquiring mind and is interested in the environment and the world they live in.
  • Has the self-discipline and self-motivation to achieve their full potential.
  • Has a strong sense of right and wrong.  

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Our Curriculum

At Highgate Primary School, we foster a love of learning by delivering an innovative curriculum rich in creativity and academic rigour. From Nursery to Year 6, cross-curricular topics have been created that cover the National Curriculum subjects in a relevant and engaging way. Topics reflect the interest and enjoyment of our children, whilst at the same time providing a high degree of challenge.

Our topics have also been created to make full use of the local area. This might include researching the lives of children in Highgate during the Second World War, or studying the hideouts of Dick Turpin for the topic ‘The Ghosts of Highgate Past’. Other recent topics have included Flight, Explorers and Adventurers and The Circus. We aim to develop all of the children’s unique skills and talents and provide opportunities for everyone to shine.

We understand that children learn in different ways and in all sorts of environments, so we aim to be learning outside the classroom and outdoors as much as possible. It could be storytelling in the Peace Garden, tree climbing and bug hunting in Highgate Wood or a trip to the National Gallery.

Thinking skills are at the heart of our curriculum. We have recently introduced philosophy sessions in which the class are presented with a different thought-provoking stimulus to encourage discussion. The stimulus could be a book, an object or an animation. The children are encouraged to think, listen, reflect, express what they think, and respect each other’s opinions.


We are part of the Bradgate Education Partnership

It was formed in collaboration with 11 local schools in Leicestershire who applied for MAT status to the Secretary of State for Education as a Multi Academy Trust in September 2016. The Trust currently has 15 schools in total, including two secondary schools.

They are committed to developing the local educational landscape within our primary and secondary schools through our unique autonomous model. They firmly believe that through collaboration and supportive challenge we can continue to support and develop further our academy Head Teachers and our Local Governing Bodies (LGB) to manage their own academies through our unique model.

They are also registered as an academy sponsor for other schools or academies who may approach them and they aim to help them to improve their standards and performance through our supportive model of leadership and school improvement. They fully expect all schools and academies to give their expertise as well as take support from the Trust, as and when required.


To make a positive difference to the lives of our pupils, ensuring they leave school with high outcomes. 


By harnessing the efficiencies and rewards of a connected and effective Multi-Academy Trust but retaining the character and autonomy of individual schools we will support and create high performing collaborative academies who enable their pupils to succeed academically, emotionally and socially.

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Our Location

Our Location

Our Location
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