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    Business Administration Apprentice

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    8th May 2023

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    Holyrood Academy

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    National Minimum Wage for age

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    Required: 1st September 2023 Salary - National Minimum wage for age throughout apprenticeship (i.e., age 18 to 20 currently £7.49 per hour) 35 Hours per week (8am - 3.30pm, Monday ...

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At Holyrood, our beliefs about education are very simple: we believe that every student, regardless of background or ability, should be supported and challenged to achieve the very best they can. Academic achievement is of paramount importance here and education has a unique power to unlock doors to opportunities in the future - this is the core purpose of Holyrood. Holyrood has a diverse and extremely talented student body, of which we are very proud. 

We are a comprehensive school and as such we are absolutely committed to making sure that every child's ambitions are nurtured and encouraged. Alongside this and of equal importance is the wider set of opportunities that students get to experience success on the stage, in the art studio, on a trip or on the sports field.

We make no apology for wanting our students to achieve fantastically well whilst enjoying school in a happy and safe environment.

Mr Dave MacCormick, Headteacher

The Holyrood Way

When students arrive at Holyrood Academy in Year 7 they are introduced to 'The Holyrood Way’. This ethos encompasses four important aspects of school life to ensure every student can succeed.

1. Holyrood students take pride in their uniform and always have the correct equipment.

Uniform and equipment are checked every day at the start of tutor time. It is important that students are equipped with two pens, a pencil, a ruler and their knowledge organiser folder. This ensures that each student can engage fully in each lesson with no unnecessary interruptions.

Equipment can be purchased in the Learning Centre or is free at Breakfast Club in the Upper Site Hall for PP students.

2. Holyrood students are ready to learn in 30 seconds and make the most of learning time.

Learning time is precious! Our clear and consistent routines ensure learning time is productive and positive. Students are trained to take their seat, get out their equipment and begin the starter activity within 30 seconds of entering the room.

3. Holyrood students understand how important and exciting knowledge is, and how to hold on to that knowledge.

Each child is provided with a Knowledge Organiser which will be their primary resource for homework and lessons. The video clip below clearly shows how students should use their Knowledge Organiser to self quiz at home. This independent study is followed by low-stakes quizzes in class and tutor time, something that is essential for building student confidence in their own academic success.

If a Knowledge Organiser is lost or damaged a new one should be purchased from the Learning Centre for £1.

To complement the curriculum, tutor groups read three novels a year together. These books are carefully selected to enhance students’ cultural knowledge and understanding.

4. Holyrood students remain stoical when times get tough.

Teenage years can be tough, from arguments with friends to exam pressure. We encourage our students to apply the four cardinal virtues of stoicism – wisdom, temperance, justice and courage - when faced with life’s challenges. Students are introduced to role models such as Malala Yousafzai who stay positive even through the most testing of times.

Working For Us

This is an opportunity for the right person to come and join us on our journey. We are looking for someone who shares our vision to improve the life chances of the young people in the communities we serve and the passion to really want to make a difference.

If you would like to work with us, or one of our partner schools, you can join our School Talent Pool and receive e-mail alerts of all future vacancies you are interested in, ensuring you are the first to hear of any relevant jobs at Holyrood Academy as they are advertised.   

Pension Scheme

As a contracted member of staff you will be automatically enrolled into either the Teachers’ Pension Scheme or the Local Government Pension Scheme (whichever is appropriate).

Further details can be found on the following websites:

  • Teachers’ Pensions
  • Peninsula Pensions (LGPS)
  • Car Parking
  • Free car parking is available on the Academy premises. Spaces are on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
  • Catering Facilities

We operate two student canteen facilities, one on the Zembard Lane campus and one on the Furnham Road campus. In addition we have a staff and Sixth Form cafe. The food is home cooked, reasonably priced and very tasty!

Childcare Vouchers

We participate in the childcare voucher scheme, which provides tax benefits to working parents.

Learning Centre

Employees are welcome to borrow books and other resources from the Study Centre.


Holyrood Academy is extremely proud of the Continual Professional Development programme it provides and the support it offers to its staff. Our programme ensures that staff are both supported and challenged to drive improvement in teaching and learning.

All staff are expected to actively pursue their own professional development and are supported by many strategies we have put in place. 

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Uffculme Academy Trust

Uffculme Academy Trust is a multi academy trust (MAT) working across Devon and Somerset. It was born of the partnership between Uffculme Secondary School, an outstanding 11-16 comprehensive, and Uffculme Primary School, which is the nearest and biggest of the secondary school's eight feeder schools.

The history of Uffculme Academy Trust

The founding school of Uffculme Academy Trust (the Trust), Uffculme Secondary School, has been a successful, high performing school with an outstanding Ofsted rating for many years. The school became a Grant Maintained (GM) school in 1993 and transferred to a Foundation school in 1998 when GM schools were abolished. When the opportunity arose for outstanding schools to convert to Academy status in 2010, Uffculme was one of the first schools to do so.

This history of independence from the local authority, whilst maintaining strong collaboration with it, informed the ethos of Uffculme Secondary School, the Academy which it became and, in 2013, the Uffculme Academy Trust which grew from it to include Uffculme Primary School. The Trust's support for Uffculme Primary School enabled substantial school improvement to change from an undersubscribed to an oversubscribed school in less than two years and to achieve impressive KS2 results in 2017.

The MAT is a single organisation which enables collaboration across schools in order to improve and maintain high standards in education. It is responsible for the good governance of schools within the MAT and accountable for the performance of each school.

The MAT's mission is to provide outstanding educational experiences to all the children and young people who are educated within the Trust.

For further details on our Trust and vacancies, please click here.