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Knaphill Federation of Schools is part of The SWAN Trust which incorporates 10 schools within the Woking area. The schools work closely together and aim to support each other through purposeful collaboration that enhances educational opportunities and supports improvements in the quality of learning for all our children.

The Federation consists of two schools, Knaphill Lower School and Knaphill Junior School, providing quality education for boys and girls aged 3 to 11 years.

Our mission is to empower all children to have a bright future.

At both schools, our values drive everything we do as we believe that the purpose of education is to ensure everyone in our school community is able to flourish.

In our ever-changing, complex world, the children of today need to develop the knowledge, skills and strength of character to empower them to create their own bright future. We believe that the purpose of education is based on developing social justice as well as teaching values and character education. At the Knaphill Federation of Schools, we provide every child with the powerful knowledge they need to build a strong foundation for learning. Reading is given high priority as this enables access to the full curriculum.

Our selected subject content supports children to develop their knowledge of complex issues, giving them an informed voice in a changing world. Our curriculum empowers children to live our values and to be the voice of a better future for our community, our nation, and our world.

We aim to create a culture of aspiration, building the confidence and resilience of our children so that they recognise achievements and cultivate a sense of pride in themselves and others, so that any challenges ahead of them can be faced with a growth mindset and determination to succeed. The entire curriculum is purposefully planned to bring opportunities to enhance children’s understanding of values, giving time to reflect on thoughts, emotions, feelings, and regulate them; which helps to sustain mental health and increases the capacity to build and maintain happy, healthy relationships and self-determination.

We seek to play an active part in our community and are always delighted to showcase our children and our schools.

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The SWAN Trust

We are part of The SWAN Trust. Established since 2019 consisting of 10 Schools, 352 Staff and 3,089 pupils!

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How to Find Us

How to Find Us

How to Find Us
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