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About us

King Henry VIII 3-19 School is a brand new fully integrated all-through school opening in September 2023. 

Our pupils make rapid progress and achieve academic excellence in an environment of love and care. Our school is a strong family where expectations are high, values are positive, and children are treasured. Our goal is to equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills, and character to achieve high grades in their qualifications and to lead successful lives.

We believe that anyone can learn anything, and the growth mind-set underpins everything we do. We do not believe that some pupils are bright and that others are not. We believe in the limitless capacity for everyone to achieve great things. We believe that what we become and what we achieve comes from great teaching, hard work and fantastic support.

We provide pupils with a broad, balanced and diverse curriculum of the highest quality where representation is key. In September 2024 our brand new state-of-the art buildings will open. Our pedagogical approach is rooted in the science of how children learn. We ask lots of questions, we explain in small steps, we link to prior learning and we guide first practice. We read a lot because of the profound impact on educational outcomes.

Our school is a happy place where every child feels a real sense of belonging. Our teachers get to know the pupils as individuals and build meaningful relationships that last. We explicitly teach our pupils to live by positive shared values and to hold these deep in their hearts. Our extra-curricular offer is innovative and extensive.

We fully embrace the transformative power that through-school education provides in improving the educational experience and outcomes for pupils. The opportunity to support a Year 13 pupil that we have known since age 3 has dramatic effects. It leads to effective inclusion where every child is known. It allows the successful challenge of the primary/secondary divide. It leads to very high levels of pupil wellbeing. Through-schools allow for the development of a 3-19 curriculum with the sequential development of content and skills across all phases. This is so important as we deliver the National Mission in our community and continue to implement the Curriculum for Wales.

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Working for us means you have the opportunity to play a key role in the creation of a brand new school in a wonderful and picturesque community, in the shadow of the Sugar Loaf mountain. You would be fully supported by a passionate and dedicated Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team. We have a lovely and welcoming family of staff and pupils. Our school is built with the growth mind-set at its heart. We live by positive shared values and hold these deep in our hearts. We maintain a great work-life balance. You would have the opportunity to develop your Welsh language skills.

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