It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Maybury Primary School! As the Headteacher since September 2013, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the wonderful children and families within our school community. Our website aims to offer you a glimpse into the life at our school.

Maybury Primary is an ambitious school with high expectations for all children, and we take immense pride in our achievements, notably our 'Good' OFSTED inspection in June 2023 which highlighted that "pupils adore school". Additionally, our Early Years provision has been rated as 'Outstanding', Children have an outstanding start to their education in the early years.

We have worked diligently to create a nurturing and caring environment where every child can attain the essential skills, knowledge and vocabulary for their future. Our approach focuses on the holistic development of each child enabling all children to thrive. Through our stimulating and engaging curriculum, we provide enriching experiences, ensuring that every day is meaningful at Maybury. Our motto, "Believe. Succeed. Achieve.", encapsulates the spirit of our school.

We are a multicultural school, we celebrate diversity and instil in our children the values of equality and respect. Our school is built on Values Based Education, fostering an inclusive, welcoming, and caring ethos. We believe that our core values are instrumental in inspiring growth and learning for our children.

We highly value our partnership with parents and recognise the crucial role it plays in a child's education. We aim to work closely with parents to build strong home-school relationships. Furthermore, we foster a safe and inclusive environment where pupils flourish.

Warmest wishes

Mrs A. Merritt



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Our motto at Maybury Primary School is "Believe.   Achieve.   Succeed".  We are a happy school that provides a safe and nurturing environment for learning which enables all our children to achieve the skills needed for adult life. Through a stimulating engaging curriculum that encompasses indoor and outdoor learning opportunities, we ensure that every day counts at Maybury.

We pride ourselves on our Values Based Education which results in a welcoming and caring ethos. We are all learners and our key values underpin our success, inspiring children, parents, staff and governors to learn and grow together. We enjoy working closely with parents and recognise the importance of establishing strong home/school partnerships. We understand that the health and safety of all our children is of paramount importance so our school provides a safe environment in which our children can flourish.

We renewed our Values Based Quality mark in March 2015 and the founder Dr Neil Hawkes recognised us an “Outstanding Values based School”

We are very proud of our school and its achievements, including our 'Good with Outstanding features' OFSTED inspection (June 2023) which highlights our strengths, Including our ‘Outstanding’  Early Years Provision (Nursery and Reception) and ‘Outstanding’  behaviour and attitudes.

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We believe at Engage Enrich Excel Academies that every child has the right to go to an outstanding school. As a trust we aim to work with schools to help them on their journey to outstanding status.

Our vision is to ensure that all children experience a rich and varied curriculum delivered by staff that are passionate, positive and pro-active. Our core business is teaching and learning and we believe we have a moral obligation to foster the hopes and dreams of all the children and staff within our trust.

We recognise that every school has a key role to play and that our School Leaders should be highly focused on providing consistently high quality pedagogy and innovation in order to maximise pupil progress.

As a trust we believe that we can achieve our vision by:

- nurturing a culture based on high levels of trust and a collective responsibility

- developing outstanding leadership at all levels through collaboration and positivity

- enabling schools to develop inspirational curriculums, which reflect their community and the needs of their children

- having a strong commitment to improving the chances of vulnerable children

Engage Enrich Excel Academies aims to develop a creative organisation, which is rooted in the highest quality experiences and learning opportunities for children, parents, and staff.

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How to Find Us

How to Find Us

How to Find Us
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