OneSchool Global has 23 campuses across England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. We provide our innovative learning and teaching program to over 3,500 students in partnership with more than 580 staff.

OneSchool Global commenced its operation in the UK as Focus Learning Trust. The Trust was established as a registered charity in 2003 for the advancement of education and providing leadership and support to its network of independent schools.


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OneSchool Global UK has designed a curriculum to be accessible to all and to maximise the development of every student’s ability and academic achievement; a curriculum that fosters ‘SMSC’ – the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the students – that embraces the British Values of Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs; that provides opportunity for benefitting the wider community; that offers the breadth to ensure students develop in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical, aesthetic and creative education.

A school curriculum is normally expected to develop over time, taking into account changes in the National Curriculum, local governance, trends, and social norms. With OneSchool Global, this isn’t the case. OneSchool has taken a clean-sheet approach and developed a brand new curriculum which leaves our students with a legacy of life-long learning skills as well as a sense of pride and achievement.

Of course, there are the requirements of The Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations 2014 that we conform to, and the recommendations and guidance of OneSchool Global, from which our curriculum framework is formed.

It’s the approach to learning that is so different. It’s the opportunities that the students are making for themselves that are leading to deeper and richer learning experiences; it’s the way that students are engaging with their learning that is driving them forward, and it’s the provision of the all-inclusive learning environment that is allowing every student to succeed, not only academically but in learning how to learn so that they can face the on-going challenges of life.

This is the changing face of education. Our students are thriving and learning outcomes are amazing.

OneSchool Global UK has a vision of becoming the employer of choice in independent education. So far, this vision has led to our schools receiving the highly sought-after Investors In People accreditation.

This internationally acclaimed standard in people management is recognised in 75 countries, demonstrating an organisation’s commitment to its people, to an outperforming workplace and to continuing sustainability.

Working with OneSchool Global

OneSchool is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive, truly global schools. With over 9,000 students, 125 campuses and over 2,000 staff and volunteers operating across 20 countries, OneSchool’s global education ecosystem provides an environment in which our staff and students thrive.

We develop learners who “learn how to learn”. We facilitate this learning through a forward-looking and pioneering approach to education. While academic excellence has and always will be a priority, OneSchool challenges dated educational practices and processes with our Self-Directed Learning program. We place the focus on what and how students are learning, rather than merely on what is being taught.

If you’re looking to advance your career by working with a progressive group employing the most cutting-edge educational methods, then you’re in the right place. Working at OneSchool Global UK, you’ll be part of a truly global educational establishment, working with small groups of students who are taking responsibility for their own learning outcomes and developing to fulfil their potential – with your help.


Working at OneSchool Global UK

Our Locations

Our Locations

Our Locations
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