Ravenscote Junior School provides an engaging and stimulating environment for its children and the community that it serves. We are proud of our happy, friendly school where all staff and governors work hard to provide the best possible start to school life.

Our learning community is underpinned by our vision statement: Engage, Enrich, Excel

At Ravenscote we encourage each child’s sense of individual worth – developing the child’s capacity to live as an independent, self-motivated person in the realisation of his/her potential. We are an extension of the local community, and, with your co-operation as parents, your child has a unique contribution to make and we hope that we shall all find much to discover, share and enjoy together.

We converted as a Multi Academy Trust(MAT) on 1st December 2014. Our MAT is called the Engage, Enrich, Excel Academies. Our Strategic Document to the right states what we hope to achieve over the next 3 to 5 years.

Any questions about this exciting development should be directed towards our Head teacher David Harris - head@ravenscote.surrey.sch.uk

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Ravenscote Junior School seeks to create a safe, happy and healthy learning environment. We believe that every member of our community is a life long learner. Together we can foster the hopes and dreams of our learning community. We believe that all learners have a right to be challenged and motivated to enable them to achieve their potential academically, personally, socially and emotionally. As an inclusive learning community we believe that every child does matter and it is our duty to prepare our children for the challenges of the 21st Century. Providing high quality learning experiences is the foundation of our school. We believe in excellence for all and strive to deliver a wide range of extra-curricular experiences which enable the children to grow in confidence and strive to become successful members of our community. We believe that Teaching and Learning is a process of co-operative teamwork and welcome and encourage the involvement of parents and others in the community.

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Engage Enrich Excel Academies

Engage Enrich Excel Academies aims to promote and preserve the unique character and identity of each school, while sharing pedagogy and enhancing the opportunities for all children.

As a Trust we recognise that effective collaboration enables us to achieve things that would not be possible working alone. Together we build and maintain momentum, and together we conduct highly professional discussions for the benefit of all. Every school leader forms a key part of our organisation and whilst we have some roles that are required for compliance it is the ‘Excellence Board’ which is the heartbeat of our organisation.

The excellence board meet regularly and consists of all the headteachers of all our schools. The aim of this group is to deliver excellence across our Trust. We recognise that each headteacher is primarily responsible for their own school but each headteacher also has a key responsibility for the Trust. Through the sharing of these responsibilities we enable capacity at the strategic level which provides all our headteachers with time to focus on their core business, teaching and learning.

We want all our children to succeed and thrive so they are prepared for life beyond our schools. As an organisation we excel together in the following ways:

• Providing high quality teaching and learning
• Developing learning environments that enable a community
• Reflecting on our culture at every opportunity
• Recruiting staff that are passionate, positive and pro-active
• Developing and retaining future leaders and inspirational teachers


Our Schools:

Ravenscote Junior School

The Cambridge Primary School