Riverside Primary School provides a safe and friendly environment for our pupils to realise their full potential. We offer an engaging, vibrant curriculum with opportunities for our pupils to gain the skills and attitudes that will help them become successful in the future. We aim to develop self-directed, responsible young people with a quest for learning. Our ‘5Rs – Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience and Reflection’ – permeate all aspects of our school. We want our children to enjoy learning and be confident as they grow. Our staff work hard to create a culture that will help develop lively enquiring minds and the ability to work with a sense of purpose; we want them to believe and achieve.

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‘BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE’   Our vision is that every child will: Enjoy learning Value and care for others Develop a sense of responsibility Believe in themselves Keep healthy and safe Achieve their full potential Be ready to take on new challenge The 5Rs RESPECT Honesty and trust Interdependence Collaboration Empathy and Listening Imitation RESPONSIBILITY Taking care of yourself and others Accountability Decision-making Being dependable RESILIENCE Absorption Managing distractions Noticing / observing Perseverance RESOURCEFULNESS Questioning Making links Imagining Reasoning Using Resources REFLECTION Planning Reflecting Evaluating Meta-learning (thinking about how I learn)

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Riverside Primary School is a member of the Lionheart Academies Trust

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