At Rowlatts Hill Primary Academy, part of the The Mead Educational Trust (TMET), we have high expectations of our children regardless of the individual challenges they may face. Learners make progress through the broad, balanced, enriched and creative curriculum which is delivered by the highly committed and skilled teaching and non-teaching staff. The curriculum will continue to evolve and be responsive to 21st century learning needs including global awareness and sustainability as well as ensuring it equips our learners with the essential skills they need as they develop and grow. The statement of the school’s values “together we succeed through challenge and enjoyment”; more importantly these individual values of – Do challenge yourself; Do listen; Do show respect and Do be kind and Gentle can be seen in the way in which learners behave well in lessons and respond positively to the challenges set by their teachers. The school aims to provide every learner with a personalised education, where the individual and the particular needs of each learner are met. We will support our learners to be community citizens through respect and celebration of the varied cultures, racial backgrounds, languages spoken and individual characteristics which they represent. Their views will be sought and valued in all aspects of school life including the curriculum and what helps them learn including the curriculum and what helps them learn about life in modern Britain. We are extremely proud of the improved academic performance the school has made since being removed from Special Measures in 2009 as we know it gives our pupils the best possible chance of opening up a wealth of life and career opportunities, not least setting them on track to achieve 5 A-Cs at GCSE. Rowlatts Hill Primary will continue to drive its own improvement, set its own challenging targets and recognize that for the sake of our learners we can always do better. Rowlatts Hill Primary continues to be committed to maximizing learning opportunities across the whole school day and beyond. The school offers a wide range of drama, musical and sporting activities for children of all ages. We are particularly proud of our success in extra-curricular sporting activities which are offered to both girls and boys at no cost to our families. The pupils and staff make Rowlatts Hill Primary a happy and special place to learn.

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Rowlatts Hill Primary has created a ‘culture of praise’ where pupils can achieve rewards which when collated can earn them £5 book vouchers. Pupils can earn rewards for homework, reading books and exhibiting good behaviour/attitudes to their learning. The school expects high standards in presentation and handwriting and pupils can earn pen licenses when they have shown that they can write neatly in all areas of the curriculum. House points have been established in September 2011 and this has created a feeling of teamwork and collaboration across the school to achieve the best house amongst the pupils and staff! Community cohesion is good at the school. The school has its own common vision and sense of belonging because it celebrates the rich diversity of its population, learning from each other what life is really like in different communities both here and abroad. The school has undertaken an effective audit through its work for ‘Young Gifted and Equal’ and the ‘International School’s Award’. This strong focus by the school to make the pupils look at the community that they are in locally and globally have further resulted in high quality oral and written work being produced by the pupils. Also, this has aided the school’s positive reputation which has grown from strength to strength resulting in numbers on roll increasing.

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Formed in 2014, The Mead Educational Trust (TMET) is a well-established, respected multi academy trust in Leicestershire with a growing partnership of primary and secondary schools.

The Mead Educational Trust exists to improve the life chances of children and young people. At the heart of all we do is a commitment to provide our academies access to a world-class education, excellent school-to-school support and to provide our staff with an employer keen to provide high quality professional development.

Our passionate and dedicated approach to education provides pupils with an exciting, engaging and high quality learning environment, developing our pupils into aspirational, capable and confident young adults and members of the community. We are committed to helping each of our academies to ensure that helps every pupil reach their fullest potential.

At the heart of our Trust is a group of carefully chosen trustees, leaders of education and key leaders within both the wider and business community. The carefully selected guardians of our Trust teamed with the effective business management systems that we operate enables us to keep exceptional education provision at our core.

Our Trustees, Staff and Pupils all work together to make a positive difference.

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