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About Us

The Croft Primary School is a young school where we provide vibrant and stimulating 21st-century learning space where children can direct their own learning and tackle challenges with resilience and resourcefulness.

Our team of skilled teaching and support staff facilitate children making choices, asking questions, and making decisions in order to fulfil their potential as independent learners. Through continuous assessment, practitioners determine the next steps for each child’s development. All of these aims will be achieved through the medium of play as well as adult-directed learning and the use of a wide range of natural and manufactured resources.


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Working With Us


At The Croft, we believe that our colleagues are among the finest in the country, and we are proud to empower them through support, training, and career opportunities. With such outstanding staff, we are able to ensure every child achieves all that they are capable of and more, regardless of background, culture, heritage, or ability.

The White Horse Federation

The White Horse Federation is a multi-academy trust that supports primary, secondary, and special schools in the south of England. At our heart is the passion and determination to develop the type of schools that we would be proud to send our own children to. To achieve this, we blend a relentless drive for academic excellence with a shared moral purpose and set of values, while also ensuring there is a whole lot of fun and happiness at our schools.

We genuinely believe that working in partnership with our schools, the pupils and their parents, and the wider community serves to create the best possible outcomes for our children.


Where to Find Us

Where to Find Us

Where to Find Us
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