We are a charity that has been set up to help schools and children. Trust in Learning is committed to improving schools and the experiences of children and young people so that they can become successful learners and responsible citizens.

Our Vision: is to improve the quality of schooling and outcomes in Bristol and the West of England for children and young people by promoting communities that trust in learning and the endeavour of education to transform lives. We support and challenge this improvement through fostering the autonomy and empowerment of effective leadership and governance.

Our Values: are ones that promote an inclusive approach to education where we seek to overcome social disadvantage and bring about social cohesion and equality. In order to do this we challenge traditional approaches to schooling to bring about sustained change through supporting excellence of leadership and classroom practice.

Our values are underpinned by the belief that partnership and collaborative working are the foundation blocks for successful education outcomes, that we all have individual and collective strength and opportunity by supporting and learning from others.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Trust in Learning – the best classrooms
  • Trust in Leadership – the best leaders
  • Trust in Local governance – the best local commitment

About Us

Trust in Learning is an education charity formed in 2008 and is an Academy Sponsor based in Bristol whose principal purpose is to create inclusive education communities that provide excellent education and excellent outcomes for children and young people.

The University of the West of England together with the City of Bristol College make up the membership of the Trust and they share a common ethos to seek to provide inspiring educational experiences that will equip our children with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding that will provide all of them with the opportunity to go onto university of choose to pursue a career of their choice.

Equally important to Trust in Learning is to help children and young people understand a world that is rapidly changing and one which will require them to be adaptable and flexible; yet also retain a sense of place and to appreciate their own social responsibilities as a citizen.

Trust in Learning currently sponsors four academies within the City of Bristol:-

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Working for us

At the heart of our belief system is our focus upon learning – a commitment to the classroom and the core purpose of education. 

At TiLA our commitment to the learning process challenges all of our schools and academies to fully endorse the concept of collaborative learning. Just as our commitment to inclusion is a non-negotiable so too is each school’s contribution to inter-school learning and the development of a TiLA wide professional learning community. If we all Trust in Learning then in order to obtain outstanding outcomes in exceptional community focused schools, then we need the very best people and the very best leaders. At TiLA we are committed to recruiting and retaining the most able people into the best jobs.  Integral to the growth, expansion and success of TiLA is our ability to develop, manage and retain talented people and leaders. 

If you're searching for your next post, why not contact us now? Even if we don't have a post now, we could do in the near future and we would love to contact you and tell you about it. You could be working at one of our great schools and become part of the TiLA family. We are always interested to hear from those who find our ethos, approach to inclusivity and support of our staff fits with their idea of a great place to work. By joining our School Talent Pool we'll know you're interested in working here when a future vacancy occurs.Join our School Talent Pool now!For more information about School Talent Pools visit www.eteach.com

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