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  • Job Title

    Early Years Educator

  • Location

    London, Greater London

  • Posted

    13th May 2024

  • School

    Van Gogh Primary

  • Salary

    £24,968.54 to £26,122.22 (NJC points 7 to 10)

  • Hours

    Full Time

  • Description

    Reporting to: Class Teacher Working hours: 35 hours per week, term time only Responsible for: Children within setting Deadline to apply: 12 noon, Friday 7 June 2024 Interviews: We ...

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About us

Creating Excellence


At Van Gogh Primary, we believe education should be a joyful journey, fostering a love of learning within a warm and nurturing environment. We are more than just a school; we are a vibrant community where pupils, staff and families feel valued and connected.

One of our pupils perfectly captured the essence of Van Gogh Primary: “We are like a family at this school, with multiple adults and multiple children” This strong sense of community is central to all we do.

Our dedicated staff believes in the potential of every pupil, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). We hold high expectations for all and strive to create an inclusive learning environment. Our curriculum is designed to be both engaging and effective, helping students not only gain meaningful knowledge, but also develop a deeper understanding that they can retain.

Staff report that they feel well supported by leadership and other colleagues. Wellbeing for all is consistently promoted and staff enjoy coming to work.

Our leadership team, including trustees and governors, share a clear vision for the success of all students. Their commitment and dedication have resulted in significant improvements in the quality of education we offer.

Our Aims

We have five key values that underpin everything that we do:

Respect - I can create excellence by respecting myself, others and the world around me

Collaboration - I can create excellence by learning from and with my family, teachers, peers and community

Integrity - I can create excellence by developing integrity; doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching!

Drive - I can create excellence by working hard and putting effort into everything I do

Exploration - I can create excellence by exploring facts, ideas and concepts



Van Gogh Primary offers a vibrant and rewarding work environment for educators who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children. Here are just a few reasons why you might find Van Gogh to be the perfect place for you to enhance your career:


Supportive and Collaborative Community: We foster a strong sense of community amongst staff, pupils and families. You’ll feel valued, respected and part of a school family ethos who are dedicated to student success

Making a Positive Impact: Our commitment to racial equity, inclusion and high quality education ensures your work directly contributes to positive change in young lives

High expectations and Support: We believe in the potential of all students and staff. You’ll benefit from working alongside dedicated colleagues and a leadership team that provides a clear vision and ongoing support for professional development

Engaged and Respectful students: Our students are known for their enthusiasm for learning, positive attitudes and respectful behaviour towards staff. Where children have specific challenges, our nurture based curriculum offers a great foundation of support.

Safe and Secure Environment: We prioritise the wellbeing of both staff and students. Clear routines and strong leadership on all levels create a safe and secure environment where everyone feels comfortable to learn and thrive

Opportunities for Growth: Van Gogh primary values professional development and offers opportunities for you to learn, grow and advance your teaching career. These opportunities are extended further as we are a part of a Trust with a number of Primary and Secondary schools who work collaboratively

If you are a passionate educator who thrives in a collaborative and supportive environment, we encourage you to explore career opportunities at Van Gogh Primary School!

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Part of Dunraven Educational Trust


The Dunraven Educational Trust believes school's have a moral imperative to create the best educational provision that they can in order to serve the needs of their community effectively, now and in the future. The Trust has primary, secondary and sixth form phases and well established ITT provision. We are experienced and successful in supporting schools in a range of areas including leadership development, teaching and learning, finance and HR.


The Trust has one overarching aim: excellence for and from everyone. This is an expectation for both the children and adults in a school community. It is achieved in a variety of ways according to the context of each school but within the clear framework established by the Trust.

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